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Our products: accessories for clubs and organizations, cups (prizes), gift articles of glass, medals, prizes (awards)

Stieber GmbH Co. KG

As a wholesaler and manufacturer of cups, medals, trophies and other awards, Stieber GmbH & Co. KG is a major player in the market. The company has been around since 1970 and right from the start we've relied on high-quality products, manufactured in-house, fast and professional service and individual services like engraving and laser engraving in glass, pewter and other metals, producing figurines and medals to customer designs and much more. Our catalogue and range includes more than 4000 items, and non-binding purchase prices are always given alongside for your convenience. We have 38 employees to manage our products and customer service, which means that we have the capacity to work quickly and flexibly. Orders placed before 11: 00 are dispatched on the same day, provided they do not include custom-made products and that the products ordered are in stock, which is normally the case.

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