Stirling Consulting Ltd


With its various accreditations and professional memberships Stirling Consulting provides a unique level of service specifically designed to provide a single contact point which replaces the traditional designations of Contractor & Consultant.

Core business is the reworking of projects, or specific items of equipment, which have failed to meet performance or specification expectations- typically after the allocation of the capital expenditure. Solutions are quickly provided maximising the latent potential from the existing system, as the principal criteria, before the addition of new if required. Retention of the major, and therefore the most costly items, predicts change or addition in the form of ancillary components providing an acceptable solution on time and budget. Naturally should a total replacement be the only viable option we can undertake the works and in so doing provide an extra degree of accountability, above that of pure design, which many clients find reassuring in light of earlier problems.

Given the experience that the core business has provided our embracing of ISO 9001:2000 has been instrumental in reducing confusion and problems which modern short term contracts present. This said it’s not uncommon to have a situation where non-technical staff or new team members are introduced at various stages throughout the project. To limit expenditure we use ‘simple English’ to confirm points being made thereby deriving the benefits of quick and informative client feedback.

We are recognised as a specialist for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications which has received additional attention due to the current upsurge of environmentally friendly solutions which employ this technology.

Training meetings are provided, in keeping with demand, on a variety of subjects, at no charge, with supplier’s representatives attending where possible. General notes are available on matters of interest, typically in electronic format, for those who make request via the website contact page.

Asked how best to express its position within the marketplace produced a simple response: ‘We succeed where others fail because we care about the work we do' A telephone call to our offices will be all that a prospective client needs to confirm our intent.

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