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STOBER is a manufacturer of automation drive solutions to the OEM marketplace. Built upon 75 Years of tradition we have established our unique Modular Systems, for Servo (SMS), AC Asynchronous (MGS) and Drive Electronics (MDS) these product families offer an uncompromised platform in providing precision drive solutions. Planetary Gearboxes either Inline or Right Angled designs – for low backlash (from 1arc/min), high running accuracy and precision, high torque with low noise. Helical Geared units with selectable backlash options or in multi-ratio gearbox design combinations upto 13,000Nm in compact designs. Coupled with our digital Servo and AC Motor ranges offering CanOpen, EtherCat, Profibus, power upto 45Kw and various high resolution feedback systems – couple this with our inbuilt drive intelligence we deliver a flexible and user friendly motion platform

Servo Gear Units

We provide comprehensive solutions to fit a wide range of servo applications. Our solutions include the manufacture of ServoFit® Servo Gear Units. These Servo Gear Units are equipped with the ServoStop gear unit brake.

All of our gear units are maintenance-free and lubricated for life when operated under normal operating conditions.

Servo Gear Units


We are specialist manufacturers of gearheads. Our gearheads are produced under strict quality guidelines and they offer maximum performance and reliability.

Further products we offer include:

  • Electronics for Servo Geared Motors
  • Servo Gear Units
  • AC Gear Units
  • AC Geared Motors
  • EZ Right-Angle Geared Motors

Planetary Gearheads - Inline

Our Inline range of Planetary Gearheads offers:-

  • Low Backlashes from 1 to 8 arc/min
  • Exceptional running Accuracy and Precision
  • Torques of 5 - 3000 Nm
  • Low Noise and Low Heat Generation
  • Ranges P, PA
Planetary Gearheads - Inline

Planetary Gearheads - Right Angled

Our Right Angled range of Planetary Gearheads offers:-

  • Low Backlashes from 3.5 - 6 arc/min
  • Exceptional running Accuracy and Precision
  • Torques of 11 - 2700 Nm
  • Outputs of Shaft, Hollow Bore or Flange designs
  • Low Noise and Low Heat Generation
  • Ranges KS, PHK, PKX, PK
Planetary Gearheads - Right Angled

Integrated Servo Systems

Our SMS Gearbox range offers:-

  • Servo Motor integrated into Gearhead design
  • Planetary P,PA
  • Right Angled Planetary PKX, PK, PHK, KS
  • Flange Mount PH, PHA, PHV, PHQ,PHQA, PHQK, PHKX
  • InLine Helical C
  • Shaft Mounted Helical F
  • Helical Bevel K, KL
  • Worm and Wheel S

AC Geared Motors

Our MGS range of Helical Gearboxes offer:-

AC Geared Motors

Servo Motors

Our Servo Motor range offers:-

  • Torque of 0.43 - 84 Nm
  • Speeds upto 6000rpm
  • Outputs of Shaft and Hollow Bore or Flange designs
  • Feedback Systems of Resolver, Inductive, Optical, Endat Single Turn and Multi Turn Encoder
  • Options for Forced Air Cooling, Brakes, Terminal Box configuration
  • Ranges ED,EK,EZ,EZF
Servo Motors

Servo Drives

Our Servo Drives and AC Inverters offer:-

  • Programmable Power Electronics
  • CanOpen, EtherCat, Profibus Fieldbus technologies
  • Current Ratings of  1.5 - 60 Amps
  •  Flexible and user friendly motion platform
  • Ranges FDS5000, MDS5000, SDS5000
Servo Drives

Helical Bevel Gearbox - Compact KL

With the newly designed SMS KL helical bevel gear unit available in sizes 1 and 2, STOBER now has compact right-angle drives to meet the requirements of the packaging machine manufacturers for modern, cost effective, space-saving Geared unit. The key to this remarkable reduction in size and increase in performance is down to a newly designed 2-stage gear set geometry.

The housing dimensions of the two gear unit sizes illustrate the new shape factor. In the KL1 version the length is 113.5 mm, the width 81 mm and the depth 90 mm; this represents a volume of only 0.83 litres. The KL2 is 143.5 mm long, 98 mm wide and 108 mm deep, which makes its volume only 1.52 litres. This compact housing also gives a significant weight reduction which is an advantage for the drive dynamics, particularly on ‘travelling drives’.

The new gear unit design is not just outstanding in terms of its dimensions. It also passes the fitness test for applications with very high speeds, because input speeds of up to 6000 rpm are possible in cyclic operation. The torque range is up to 65 Nm.

The highly stiff and compact construction requires no offset, which simplifies design of the machines and systems. On the output side, the new right-angle geared motors offer various options for output shafts and mounting methods. A further option is that motors from other suppliers can be fitted using an adapter with a backlash-free plug-in connector and thermal length compensation.
Both sizes are available in all option formats as of now.

Helical Bevel Gearbox - Compact KL

Rack and Pinion Drive

Precision Rack and Pinion drives

Due to the moment loads created from Rack and Pinion mechanisms this typically determines the size of specified Gearbox with utilisation of the gearbox torque as low as 40%
STOBER now overcomes this with the ZTRS range of super compact and highly efficient Rack and Pinion drives – they have an integral output bearing housing with a highly stiff supporting arm for the pinion. This design relieves the tilting moments on the gearbox, so making it possible to base the drive design on Actual driving torque requirements.

Rack and Pinion Drive

Servo Gear Units

This extremely short hollow shaft planetary gear unit includes a large internal bore of either 28 or 38 mm. This dimension allows for reliable feeding of power cables, hydraulic hoses and pneumatic pipes, or maybe light sources, ballscrews, shafts etc.

The compact design of the motor is based on a new winding technology that generates the highest possible copper fill factor. This measure increases the motor rating by about 80% compared to conventional winding technology, this has made it possible to reduce the length of the motor accordingly. The rigid output drive bearing of the gear unit provides a high level of tilting stiffness, which allows for a very high tilting moments. Optional liquid cooling is available to increase the nominal torque.

Since this is a truly new design, the structural design of all components has been completely addressed, the result is presented as the PipeDrive, which features a balance between powerful torque, high dynamic performance and precise constant speed.

Ratios 3 to 27:1
Acceleration Torques 30 to 500 Nm.
Output Speed upto 650rpm

Servo Gear Units
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