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Large quantities of tested, working used laptops available on a regular basis.

Stock is sold with a minimum order quantity of just 20 units and is available in a vast range of specifications, brands and models.

Enquire now for current Used Laptop stock lists.

LCD / LED / Plasma TV's

Consistent supply of working, graded televisions available at wholesale prices. Major manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Models including the latest series of televisions, packed with features including Full 1080P HD resolution, USB input for video/picture/music playback and multiple HDMI inputs.
Televisions are graded with Grade A sets in an as-new, perfect condition. Grade B sets will have very minor marks to case, surround or stand – There will be no damage or marks to the screen itself.

Contact Stock Sourcing now for more details on this and other wholesale offers.

LCD / LED / Plasma TV's

Chest Freezers

Fully functioning and untested customer returned chest freezers, available in a range of sizes. Units are A+ energy rated and manufactured in the UK.

Tested working stock is supplied with a minimum 6 month UK warranty, graded units are supplied with up to 12 months.

Enquire now for further details on this and other great wholesale offers

Chest Freezers

Mobile Phones - Tested Working

Wide range of tested, working mobile phones available at low, wholesale prices.

Models such as Nokia N97, Nokia 6300, RIM Blackberry 8900 Curve, RIM Blackberry 9000 Bold and many others available.

All mobile phones are power on tested and sold with a DOA warranty.

Enquire now for an up-to-date stock list.

Mobile Phones - Tested Working

Mixed Electrical Products

Consignments of up to 26 pallets of mixed customer returned electrical items from one of the UK’s leading retailers. Pallets only contain the most highly desirable small domestic electrical appliances, including large numbers of steam generator irons, fans, blenders and portable air conditioner units.

Enquire now for further details

Mixed Electrical Products

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding - Our comprehensive service leads the UK export market in price, reliability and reputation. Our contacts within all major shipping lines allow us to undercut our competitors to and from most major ports.

'We have built a worldwide reputation for professionalism, from single pallets to multiple container shipments; All our customers benefit from our experience and knowledge in the global import export market.'

Stock Sourcing offer single pallet consolidation services, international relocation and the opportunity to purchase sea worthy containers at discounted rates.

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Complete PC Desktop Systems

Complete desktop computer systems, including monitor, keyboard, mouse and preinstalled Windows operating systems available at wholesale prices.

Stock Sourcing offer ready to use Windows XP desktop computers at just £55 per datawiped system (£60 With Windows installed) along with other wholesale 2nd user IT offers

Example £60 system

Pentium 4 processor 2.8 Ghz, 1GB Ram, 40GB HDD (minimum), 17" TFT Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard and Genuine Mircosoft Windows XP pre-installed.

Latest wholesale and export news

Stock Sourcing provide an invaluable resource of industry news for UK wholesalers and exporters. From the latest wholesale laptop information to the newest happenings in the wholesale mobile phone market, Stock Sourcing's news blog consolidates all the most relevant info in one place.

Latest wholesale and export news

Refurbished Laptops - Wholesale

Stock Sourcing offer a wide range of professionally refurbished laptops at cheap wholesale prices

Laptops are all UK spec original products from the worlds best known manufacturers - Sony, Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba and more.

Specifications range from the latest single core low voltage processors such as Intel Atom to the highest end Core i3/i5/i7 units.

Stock is sold in wholesale batches of 5 laptops each, groups comprise of either laptops with Webcam or without Webcam.

Stock Sourcing regularly update their wholesale laptop offers and ensure that wholesale laptop prices remain low. 

Refurbished Laptops - Wholesale

Wholesale Refurbished Laptops

Stock Sourcing offer fully refurbished laptops at wholesale prices. Laptops and notebooks available from all major manufacturers, Sony, Dell, HP and more, and in all specifications from Pentium M to Core i3.

Laptops and notebooks with intergrated webcams are available on a regular basis and are sold in groups as small as 5 units.

High specification laptops and notebooks are available at low wholesale prices.

Contact Stock Sourcing today to arrange to visit their warehouse in Haverhill, Suffolk, UK to view this and other great wholesale offers.

Wholesale Refurbished Laptops

Wholesale Used Mobile Phones

Stock Sourcing offer batches of used tested mobile phones at wholesale prices.

All mobile phone handsets are from the UK market and are sold as working units complete with battery (no other accessories)

Wholesale mobile phone lists include models from all major manufacturers, including but not limited to Apple iPhones, Blackberry 9 series (9700, 9800 Bold2 etc) and Nokia N-series and above smart phones, along with earlier generation feature phones and below.

Mobile phones will range in cosmetic grade, with grade B/C handsets showing signs of use.

Enquire now for more information on this and other great wholesale offers.

Wholesale Used Mobile Phones

Used Mobile Phones - For Repair.

Range of Mobile Phone handsets with faults and/or a poor overall cosmetic condition. A fantastic stock line for phone refurbishes and resellers.

Models include Apple iPhones, the latest RIM Blackberry handsets, Nokia N-series, HTC and more.

Stock Sourcing can offer an ongoing wholesale supply of this product type, alongside other great wholesale offers of working, good condition mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and tablet pcs.

Visit Stock Sourcing today to view the latest offers from the UKs premier wholesaler of used consumer electronics.

Wholesale Digital Cameras

Wholesale untested digital cameras direct from Samsung available at Stock Sourcing's Haverhill, Suffolk warehouse.

Stock Sourcing Ltd offer an ongoing wholesale supply of raw untested Samsung digital cameras. Digital cameras batches are sold in take all lots, from as small as just 40 units up to 150 units. Price reductions are available for customers purchasing one or more batches.

Full details and currently available batches are available on request - contact Stock Sourcing now for more details.

Wholesale Digital Cameras

IBM T41 and T42 Wholesale

IBM T41 and T42 laptops offered by Stock Sourcing at low wholesale prices.

Pentium M processor with min 1GB ram, 40GB HDD, WIFI and Genuine Windows XP Pro installed.

IBM laptops are sold with a low wholesale minimum order of just 5 units. Price just £75 each.

100's of laptops available at wholesale prices with more stock arriving daily. Visit and sign up for Stock Sourcings newsletter to keep up to date with the best used laptop and used mobile phone wholesaler in the UK

IBM T41 and T42 Wholesale

Wholesale HTC Mobile Phones

Used working HTC mobile phones available at cheap wholesale prices form Stock Sourcing.

All phones are tested working and cosmetically grade B minimum. Phones may show normal signs of use of a used handset.

Models include HTC Desire, HTC Desire S, HTC Sensation, HTC Wildfire, HTC Wildfire S and more, all at low wholesale prices with low wholesale order quantities.

Other great mobile phone offers at - The UKs premier wholesaler of used mobile phones, used laptops, used digital cameras, used PCs and used tablets.

Wholesale HTC Mobile Phones

Wholesale Used Apple iPhones

Stock Sourcing offer wholesale used iPhones at low prices and with low wholesale order quantities.

Apple iPhone wholesale offers include; Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3Gs, Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 4s

All phones are tested working and cosmetic grade B minimum.

Used mobile wholesale offers are available on an ongoing basis with more used phones arriving with Stock Sourcing every day.

Wholesale Used Apple iPhones

Wholesale Untested Customer Returns

Stock Sourcing Ltd offer pallets of untested customer returns at wholesale prices.

Products include untested DVD players, untested Hi-Fi pallets, untested digital cameras plus untested mobile and landline phones.

Untested customer returns offer a great percentage of working products. The stock consists of items returned (taken back) to a store for any reason. In the majority of cases, these returns are for little or no reason but it should still be remembered that broken, used or defective items may be found within the batch.

Visit for more details on this and other great wholesale offers.

Refurbished Apple iPhone Wholesale

Stock Sourcing offer wholesale batches of professionally refurbished Apple iPhone 3GS at low prices.

Stock is Grade A, like new, but sold as handsets only - no accessories or chargers are supplied.

Wholesale Apple iPhones batch consists 16 iPhone 3GS handsets in perfect condition and sold at £155 per handset (take all only)

Ongoing, daily supply of all mobile phone makes and models - 1000's of handsets held at Stock Sourcing's wholesale warehouse, 4 Hollands Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8PP, UK.

Visit today for all the latest wholesale offers and cheap wholesale deals.

Refurbished Apple iPhone Wholesale

Laptops - Spares and Repairs

Faulty or cosmetically poor laptops available at wholesale prices.

Stock Sourcing offer take all batches of laptops suitable for repair or to be used for parts. Laptops from all major manufacturers including Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba and Sony. Models include machines from the XP generation to the latest Windows 7 range, with processors from Pentium M to Dual Core/Core 2 Duo and the latest Core i3/i5/i7 machines. 

Faults are described on the stock list and may range from missing keys or other parts to screen damage or board failure.

Stock Sourcing also offer a wide range of fully working laptops

Customer Returned Mobile Phones

Batches of untested raw customer returned mobile phones available from Stock Sourcing.

Phones are direct returns from a UK supermarket and include Blackberry, Apple, Nokia and Samsung handsets which may be locked to UK mobile phone networks.

Wholesale batches consist of raw untested mobile phone stock; handsets may be faulty, in need of repair or in a working state.

Many other great wholesale offers at

Wholesale Used Netbooks

Wholesale used netbook style laptops from Stock Sourcing.

Netbooks from all major manufacturers including Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Advent and more. Most wholesale netbooks run Windows 7 Starter with an Intel Atom processor and have 9" - 13" Screens.

All used netbooks are tested and cosmetically graded.

Enquire now for more details on this and other great wholesale offers from Stock Sourcing; The UKs premier wholesaler of used electronics

Wholesale RIM Blackberry 8520 handsets

Wholesale supply of used original RIM Blackberry 8520 handsets at low prices and with low wholesale minimum order quantities.

All Blackberry mobile phones are power on tested and originate in the UK market. Phones are in a good used condition showing minor signs of use.

Price £60 each.

Contact Stock Sourcing now for more great wholesale mobile phone offers

Wholesale RIM Blackberry 8520 handsets

Wholesale 9700 Bold Mobile Phones

Ongoing wholesale supply of RIM Blackberry (bb) 9700 Bold handsets available. Blackberry 9700 Bold handsets are sold with a low minimum order quantity of just 5 phones.

All handsets are power on tested and in a grade B used condition - showing minor signs of use.

Price £95 each.

Enquire now for more details on this and other great wholesale Blackberry mobile phone offers

Wholesale 9700 Bold Mobile Phones

Wholesale HP / Compaq Laptops

Stock Sourcing offer wholesale used HP / Compaq laptops at low prices.

Laptops are datawiped and power on tested. HP / Compaq laptops sold by Stock Sourcing are in a good used condition and sold with a DOA warranty.

Laptops specifications range from Intel Pentium M to Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Other HP / Compaq offers include HP / Compaq NC6400 Core 2 Duo laptops.

Wholesale HP / Compaq Laptops

Used Tablet PC Wholesale

Stock Sourcing's used wholesale tablet PCs are amongst the cheapest and best quality in the UK. Used wholesale tablets, including used Apple iPad, Apple iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry Playbook, are perfect for export from the UK to other markets such as Ghana and Nigeria.

Tablets are power on and touchscreen tested. Any cosmetic faults are noted on the wholesale tablet PC manifest (available on request from

Stock Sourcing also provide low priced wholesale offers for used mobile phones, used laptops and used digital cameras.

Fairly Used Laptops

Laptops in a fairly used condition available from Stock Sourcing at low wholesale prices.

Laptops with Penitum M, Dual Core, Core 2 Duo (C2D) and the latest Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Brands and models include Dell Latitude, Dell Insipron, Sony Viao, Toshiba Satellite and Acer Asipre.

Fairly used condition is defined as laptops showing only relatively minor signs of use. No fairly used laptop will be found to have damage to its screen or other important components. All will be working laptops.

Laptops / Notebooks and Netbooks all originate from the UK market and are original, genuine items. These fairly used laptops are perfect to export from the UK import for import to Ghana, Nigeria and other African nations.

Enquire now for more details on this and other great wholesale offers from Stock Sourcing. 

Discounted Wholesale Tablet PCs with Faults

Batches of tablet PCs, including Apple iPad, Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Playbook and more, with faults or cosmetic issues.

Stock Sourcing process hundreds of used tablet PCs each month and offer these tablets for sale as items with faults or cosmetic damage at a low discounted wholesale prices.

Used tablet PCs may have issues such as touchscreen faults due to cracks or internal damage, issues with wi-fi or 3G connections, numerous scratches to the case or screen etc. Details of the faults are given on the manifest available at stock sourcing's wholesale website

Contact Stock Sourcing today for more details on discounted damaged faulty iPads, iPad2, Galaxy tab, Playbook and more.

Discounted Wholesale Tablet PCs with Faults

How to buy laptops and Phones at Low Wholesale Prices

Stock Sourcing provide wholesale customers with full details of the method by which they can purchase laptops, mobile phones and TVs at low and discounted wholesale prices.

Stock Sourcing's low wholesale minimum order quantities allow up and coming sellers of used laptops, used mobile phones and other used working electronics to enter the market without requiring huge sums of money.

Customer from all over the world are welcomed and well catered for. Stock Sourcing has particular experience and relationships in West African nations such as Ghana and Nigeria. Stock Sourcing, and tested used products from the United Kingdom (UK) in general, enjoy a strong reputation for quality and reliability in this fast developing nations.

Stock Sourcing, and its sister company cash in your gadgets, work to establish a viable and long term route for UK residents to sell old laptops for cash and for exporters to buy used products at low wholesale prices.

Making extra income from laptop and phones

Everyone is feeling the pitch, not least of which students. Companies such as Stock Sourcing and Cash in your Gadgets offer the opportunity to make extra money by buying and selling used laptops and mobile phones.

Getting the right amount of cash for your old laptop or mobile phones is made easier by online recyclers. The speed of technological change helps to drive the purchase of new technology just as much as it drives the need for new ways to sell old gadgets.

Advice for Exporters and First Time International Traders

Stock Sourcing Director James Forrest gives examples of common mistakes made by first time export buyers. Avoid making the same mistakes and make your new business profitable from day one!

Information relevant to wholesale customers buying used laptops from the UK and exporting to countries such as Nigeria and Ghana.

Import Export - How to Import

Providing basic information on the import of goods. Shipping and clearance import export guide perfect for first time importers. Stock Sourcing can help with your importation of their used laptops and mobile phones

Make Money Lagos, Nigeria

Make Money in Lagos Nigeria. Stock Sourcing not only supply the best used laptops and mobile phones but they also provide invaluable advice and guidance for first time customers.

Nigerians and wider Africans can use Stock Sourcing as a one stop shop for all their import needs. Making money buying used phones and used laptops from Stock Sourcing is a great way to start a business.

Laptops with Faults - Spares and Repairs

Laptops with faults, missing parts or cosmetic damage, available at low prices from Stock Sourcing.

Laptops from all major manufacturers and including all major models and processor types

Faults such as missing hard drives, damaged screens, faulty optical drives etc are listed on the spares and repairs manifest along with the laptops specifications.

Check out all Stock Sourcings latest laptop offers 

HP Desktop Computer Systems

HP Desktop PC systems with Pentium 4 Processors and 17" screens

Stock Sourcing provide wholesale desktop PCs at low prices. HP D530 SSF PCs in good used condition.

Low wholesale quantity of just 25 PC systems.

Low Price - Just £55 each.

Import Nigeria

UK laptops and Desktops available at low wholesale prices. Stock Sourcing provide portable and desktop PCs for the Nigeria import market.

Years of experience in the export of working used laptops and computers from the UK, near London, by air and sea to Lagos, Abuja and other regions of Nigeria.

Nigerian importers are welcomed and can provided with landed, all in prices for quantities of used laptops and desktops. Prices including all shipping costs and local tax allow Nigerian customers the complete peace of mind in knowing all import costs and taxation up front.

Buyers looking to import to Nigeria can find all the top brands and high quality associated with buying from the UK. Brands such as Dell, HP, Toshiba and Sony are available on an ongoing basis and can be viewed at Stock Sourcings warehouse in Haverhill Suffolk, UK

Dual Core Desktop PCs

Dual Core Desktop PC systems from HP and Dell. Complete systems including base unit, monitor (17 inch, branded), keyboard, mouse and leads.

Desktop PCs with Intel Core 2 Duo processors (and higher) sold at low prices with low minimum order quantities. Perfect for import to Ghana and other African nations as well as UK based businesses and homes.

Models include Dell Optiplex 745.

Stock Sourcing offer a wide range of working used desktops from the UK. Enquire now for current stock lists.

Recycle Digital Camera

Many of Stock Sourcing's old digital cameras come as a result of recycling by the UK public. The rise of high mega pixel camera phones has lead to millions of digital cameras becoming obsolete.

Cash in your Gadgets

Cash in your gadgets provide a quick and easy way to turn old technology back in to cash. Using a simple, easy to use online instant quote system, CIYG buy the widest range of laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras and tablet pcs from members of the public, businesses and charities.

Cash in your Gadgets

Get the most money, save the most time.

Why waste time and effort selling old technology privately? Cash in your gadgets will buy your gadgets and even provide free postage or courier collection.

Recycling old laptops and even broken phones shouldn’t cost you anything; Cash in your gadgets always collect items free of charge or arrange free postage.

Cash in your Gadgets buys older laptops than any other UK recycling website; You can still get paid for laptops made over 10 years ago.

Get the most money, save the most time.

Safe, Secure and Environmentally Friendly

All laptops are datawiped to Ministry of Defence standards, rendering all previous users data completely unrecoverable. All laptops are either refurbished for re-use or completely recycled for parts.

Safe, Secure and Environmentally Friendly

A Trusted and Reliable Service

Cash in your Gadgets make recycling or reselling your old electronics for cash as easy as possible. The service is designed to make your ; offering customers a choice of different collection and payment options to suit any situation. Cash in your Gadgets use TrustPilot to give an independent space for customers to provide honest reviews and feedback.

A Trusted and Reliable Service

Recycling for Schools, Businesses and Organisations

Cash in your Gadgets can help your organisation realise the value in your old laptops, computers, mobile phones and digital cameras.

Cash in your gadgets will give you a quotation upfront, collect the items free of charge, securely erase all data and pay you, fast.

One quick phone call or email is all it takes to allow Cash in your Gadgets to solve your corporate recycling headache, today.

Recycling for Schools, Businesses and Organisations

Donations for Charities and Schools

Why limit donations to just cash, clothes and old tins? Millions of UK households have old phones, laptops, digital cameras and more gathering dust, many of these people would be more than willing to give these items up as a donation to a good cause. Cash in your gadgets can enable your organisation to accept these old electronics as donations then quickly turn them in to cash to help your cause. Contact CIYG today for more details on how to run your own Gadget Donation appeal.

Donations for Charities and Schools
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