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At the place where the production and management of Stölzle Lausitz GmbH is based today, the Oberlausitzer Glaswerke J. Schweig und Co. (Upper Lausitz Glass Works) was founded in 1889. The expanding company started the manual goblet production in 1908 and developed to one of the biggest manufacturers of drinking glasses in Germany.

In 1996 the Austrian company “Stölzle – Oberglas AG” took over the business and modernized the factory radically. Today, the Stölzle Lausitz GmbH owns with its four production lines one of the most modern production places worldwide for the fabrication of high quality, lead-free crystal glass. Drinking glasses from this production site have a straight-lined, characteristic design and highest wine performance. Through highest fracture and dishwasher resistance, brilliance and best price-performance ratio, the glasses fulfil not only the demands for a good wine glass for the usual wine drinker but do also master the everyday operation of professional uses in the gastronomy and hotel industry.


As one of few glassmakers, we are capable to produce stem and bowl in one piece at the machine. Therefore, these glasses are similar to handmade glasses. The tangible transition between stem and bowl, typical for machine-made glasses, cannot be found on the glasses manufactured by this process. Also fissures are a thing of the past.

Besides a huge range of products, Stölzle Lausitz GmbH also has a powerful decoration shop. According to customer demands the glasses can be endued by screen printing, polishing, decal pictures, gold or platinum edges.


Drinking Glasses

The company currently occupies about 350 employees. Up to 40 million glasses are produced yearly by Stölzle Lausitz and sold worldwide. The export rate is about 70%. Besides trade channels towards final customers and towards the hotel, gastronomy and beverage industries (especially wine and spirit manufacturers), also different airlines are supplied with drinking glasses. Directly next to the production site there is the factory outlet of Stölzle. Interested customers can expect crystal glass for the decorated table with many products made of glass by selected partners with the possibility to have it decorated individually.

Drinking Glasses


Our products:
• beer glasses
• crystal glass
• glass goblets
• drinking glasses, tumblers
• promotional printed drinking glasses
• wine glasses
• decanter centrifuges
• bar supplies
• spirits glasses
• gift articles of glass

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