Stone Supplies Holdings Ltd

  • Semi Dressed Building Stone
  • Dry Stone Walling
  • Natural Random Walling
  • Cotsworld Rockery
  • Architectual Dressings
  • Landscape Stone
  • Sawn/Split and Tumbled Building Stone
  • Floor Tiles
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Pennant Stone
  • Red & Green Sandstone
  • Natural Stone Rooftiles

Through the ages, natural stone has been a popular and versatile building material, unequalled in beauty or variety. The most English of all limestones, ooulitic limestone has a warm cream colour that will weather to the surrounding area and add rich ambience to any setting.

Lorry Grab Hire

6 wheeler & 8 wheeler grab hire for delivery & muckaway 

Tetbury's Cotswold Stone

Quarried before roman times, Tetbury's Cotswold Stone provided the fabric of many magnificent houses and churches. Much of the charm of the area lies in the distinctive character of its city's towns and villages, built from this local stone.Cotswold stone is one of the most attractive building stones there is & has made the Cotswolds one of the most charming locations in the United Kingdom

With the advent of modern machinery, natural stone is produced at comparable prices to those of reconstructed or concrete stones. It adds visual appeal and value to any development and gets more attractive with age.

We have supplied our Cotswold stone to hundreds of developments in the last 15 years ranging from large housing developments to small garden projects. 


Decorative Stone

We supply a wide range of decorative stone in a range of finishes such as Chard Flint, Cotswold Chipping, Green Slate, Plum Slate, Silver/Grey Gravel and South Cerney Shingle

Building Stone

Our building stones cater for a wide range of building project finishes.

Stone Paving

We offer a wide range of quality stone paving which include the following finishes and colours:

  • Limestone - Black Kadapha
  • Reconstituted - Cotswold Buff
  • Reconstituted - Grey
  • Reconstituted - Red
  • Sandstone - Autumn Blend
  • Sandstone - Light Grey
  • Sandstone - Mint Fossil
  • Sandstone - Raj Blend



We have over 30 years experience in the supply of aggregates, sands and gravels to a large number of construction and civil engineering companies as well as the general public throughout the South West.


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