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Established in 1985, we are specialists in the diamond tooling industry. Our diamond tooling services and solutions are provided to meet and exceed all of your requirements and our supply of diamond tooling for all industries is extensive.

We supply:

Diamond Tools

Our range of diamond tools and related services is extensive. We supply all types of diamond tools to suit all applications. These diamond tools range from CNC tooling to hand tools.

Precision Tooling

We are specialists with unrivaled experience in providing precision tooling for all areas of industry.

Our precision tooling services includes many options for wood and laminates. Our precision tooling is excellent in meeting the challenges of machining today's laminate and composite board materials.

Tooling for flooring

Our extensive services and product range includes multiple options for tooling for flooring.

With our tooling for flooring options, the complete range is available and we have the necessary equipment to take you from start to the ultimate finish.

Tooling for Stone

If you require tooling for stone, we provide the most professional and dedicated precision service available. With our tooling for stone, we have the full range of tools and equipment for stone workshop and installation teams.

These tools range from the ultimate blades to the ultimate polishing pads and stone sealing systems.

Tooling for Composite

If you are looking for tooling for composite materials, we supply innovative and renowned solutions for the machining and cutting of all types of composite materials.

Our tooling for composite materials includes highly advanced technology tooling to enable you to reduce production time significantly and maintain and often improve on the quality of the finished product.

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