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Here at Stonehill Engineering we have a commitment to investing in new machinery giving us a large and varied manufacturing ability.

This allows us to produce quality components, jigs and fixtures from customer drawings and 3D models with our in house 3D CAD/CAM machining facility.
  All the CNC machines are networked allowing easy transfer and storage of machine programs, allowing manipulation from machine to machine enabling fast production and lower lead times.
  The very experienced workforce continuously check all components during production and a final inspection process can be carried out if required by our accredited company inspectors.
  Just email the details to Our aim is to get back to you with a competitive quote within 48 hours.

Tool Making Services

At Stonehill Engineering we offer a complete part production process with input into part design and manufacture. We can turn your concept into a 3D model/part for production. Once this model is accepted it can progress through different production routes, all of which Stonehill Engineering can provide.

Toolmaking Stages

  • Design Service: We can provide a complete design service or just assistance in the design process for both the tooling and/or your component working to your specifications.
  • In-House Prototyping: We offer an in-house prototype machining service, manufacturing the component from the 3D model on our modern CNC machines.
  • Prototype Moulds: This can then progress to prototype moulds (RPAT - Rapid Prototype Aluminium Tools) being manufactured and then moulded all in house here at Stonehill Engineering, supplying mouldings from 10 to 5,000 off.

Supplying this service all under one roof gives you shorter lead times and reduced costs during the manufacturing process.

Tool Making Services

Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding of technically challenging components and materials is our core business and one at which we have excelled for many years.

At Stonehill Engineering we specialise in low to mid volume injection moulding whether it's 50 parts you require or 50,000.   Our plastic injection moulding machines range from 22 tonnes to 250 tonnes clamping force and shot capacity from 2 grams up to 800 grams. With such a wide range of machines we are able to offer unrivalled flexibility and versatility. Many of these machines are equipped with modern process controllers, offering repeated and consistent quality, day in, day out.   Stonehill Engineering demonstrates expertise in the processing of virtually any thermoplastic including the engineering grades and so-called exotics. Our Technical Management team always remain at the forefront of technical. advances and constantly develop our work force and practices to maintain production of high quality components.
Injection Moulding

Custom Parts

Having difficultly finding parts for your much-loved car or motorcycle?

Stonehill Engineering is an established manufacturing company supplying CNC machining, jigs and fixtures, toolmaking and injection moulding. We are able to produce custom parts to your requirements.

We can work from drawings/sketches or even the old worn or broken part.

We then produce 3D models and 2D drawings of the components for future reference and process the components through to our modern CNC machinery.

We can supply single or multiple stages including

  • 2D drawing of components for future reference
  • 3D model production for manufacture and 2D drawing production
  • CNC machined parts to spec including milling and turning
  • Stainless steel and aluminium welding
  • Finishing processes including shot blasting, polishing, anodising, powder coating, painting etc.
Custom Parts

Stonehill Engineering

Stonehill Engineering is based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and is ideally located near the A14 with easy access to all major road networks. We cater for many needs as shown by our diverse customer base, which includes automotive, aerospace, defence, food and chemical businesses.

Through our extensive investment in the latest plant and machinery, as well as qualified staff, we offer a cost effective service to all our customers. This is due to flexibility in our product base, which ranges from prototype and development to leisure and industrial components incorporating simple 2D processes through to complex 3D techniques.

By having all our services and facilities at the same site, we have the flexibility to reduce costs and lead times. All products are manufactured in house whenever possible, allowing us full control over quality and meeting customer needs.

A close relationship between design and manufacturing ensures that our products are of the highest quality and our commitment to research and development in all areas enables us to enhance product design.

Stonehill Engineering

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