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Here at Stonehouse Tablet, we are a specialist, industrial tablet manufacturing company who blends, manufactures and packages tablets to each individual customer's specific requirements.

Over the years, we have co-developed and subsequently manufactured on a contract basis, a broad range of products, including:

  • Herbal Horse Treats
  • Tablets - Camden / Chlorine / Aromatherapy Bath / Petrol Additive / Chemical Indicator / Fertilizer / Garden Pond / Salt / Cockroach Repellent / Water Softening / Stain Remover / Beer Fining 
As expert tablet manufacturers, we even produce tablets to help ensure the correct pressure in a tennis ball. We produce arguably the world's most environmentally friendly, safe and simple to handle, general disinfection system, in the world.

Chlorine Tablets

We manufacture chlorine tablets and provide complete flexibility of service, enabling you to tailor the contract to suit your strengths and weaknesses. Some customers prefer to out-source the whole contract, relying on the expertise of Stonehouse Tablet to purchase the raw materials and packaging materials, blend the powder, press the powder into tablets, to package the tablets and finally, to arrange the shipment of those tablets. Other customers prefer to draw only on Stonehouse Tablets experience of pressing industrial tablets, including chlorine tablets, delivering a pre-blended powder to our works in Nottingham and collecting the pressed tablets, in bulk a few days later.

We have the capacity to blend high volumes of different powders / granules to your exact formulation, from 1 kilo up to 1,000 tonnes.

Chlorine Tablets

Why Tablets

Today ‘ease of use' is very often of equal, or of greater importance than ‘value for money' in the decision making process. This is apparent in a variety of products including ready pack meals, disposable paint trays and rollers, off the shelf sandwiches and washing powder tablets. By providing an existing product, but in a tablet form, the potential benefits for the innovative company can be tremendous.

Due to the solid nature of tablets, they often represent a significantly reduced health hazard for the operator:
  • The end-user need never come into direct contact with the active material
  • A greatly reduced risk of spillage. Should one occur, the potential harm is in turn measurably lower
  • The practical elimination of risk from leakage. Unlike fine powders or liquids, solid tablets are unlikely to leak
Why Tablets

Product Development

We specialise in product development. The development of any tablet has to focus on the successful resolution of two key areas:

  • The final tablet is fit for the purpose intended
  • The final tablet can be made cost effectively in a product scenario
Visit our website to view our typical tablet development programme stages.  
Product Development

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