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We can supply a comprehensive range of high-quality anti slip products and an anti slip consultancy service. With our knowledge and experience of UK and European anti slip legislation, combined with the best anti slip products available, we can significantly reduce the problems associated with slip accidents in both work and public places.

Our anti slip products include:

  • Anti slip tape
  • Anti slip mats
  • Anti slip stair nosing
  • Anti slip disabled ramps, and many more

We also carry out slip resistance testing providing our clients with a full report including the PTV (Pendulum Test Values).

Anti Slip

We have a great deal of experience in the field of anti slip solutions and products. Our wealth of knowledge means we can provide the help you need concerning anti slip questions.

Our anti slip solutions include products for a range of applications including retail and commercial properties and we have a comprehensive knowledge of the legal requirements for anti slip requirements.

Anti Slip

Anti Slip Tape

We supply quality anti slip tape products to UK industry and we have the experience to enable us to provide you with the best anti slip solution at the most cost-effective price.

We can supply anti slip tape in a variety of ways, from one roll of 25mm black anti slip tape to 12,000 bespoke cut pieces. We can offer free advice, top quality UK manufactured products and next day shipping.

Our anti slip tape rolls are available up to 1,100mm wide from stock and we can manufacture any colour or shape depending on order quantity.

We have a complete range of anti slip tape products including conformable aluminium-backed tape for uneven surfaces including chequer plate. We have coarse for more industrial applications. There is Aquasafe for bare foot and food preparation areas. Our ever popular standard grade is available for most areas including stairs, machinery, vehicles and shop fronts, etc.

We also supply our anti slip tape worldwide. Please contact us for shipping rates.

Anti Slip Tape

Anti Slip Shoes

We supply Shoes for Crews® anti slip shoes that are rated the highest for slip resistance in independent tests. With many different styles to choose from, we are sure you will find a style that fits both your budget. All our anti slip shoes will fit your safety requirements. They are rated number one in HSE slip tests.

SFC anti slip shoes Mighty Grip slip-resistant outsoles are made from an exclusive rubber compound that grips the microscopic roughness of the floor surface. The SFC patented micro-channel tread pattern channels liquids away from the bottom of the sole. This combination results in unbelievable traction on all types of wet and greasy floor surfaces.

Anti Slip Shoes

Anti Slip Mats

Our anti slip mats are specifically designed for staff working in extremely high traffic, greasy, wet, and oily areas.

Our anti slip mats are ideal for use in the following locations:

  • Fryers
  • Grills
  • Entrance walkways
  • Preparation tables
  • Ice machines
  • Cold storage areas
  • Bar counters
  • Industrial production areas
  • Kitchens and canteens
  • Walk in freezers
  • Bakeries
  • Butchers and abattoirs

Our anti slip mats are ideal for most other commercial and industrial hazardous areas where employees are standing, walking, pushing, pulling, or carrying items over greasy, wet, and oily floors.

Anti Slip Mats

Anti Slip Stair Nosing

Our anti slip stair nosing has been developed as a cost effective, long term solution to help with the requirements as laid down by the Disability Discrimination Act Part III, which is now fully enforceable. Our anti slip stair nosing is made from fibreglass.

Our anti slip stair nosing is a cost effective and easy solution to help you comply with the act. All our anti slip stair nosings have a hard wearing grit top surface for extreme slip resistance.

If you require a different quantity to that supplied in our packs or you would like us to cut your nosings for free, please contact us. We aim to get back to all enquiries within 20 minutes. Contact us for all your anti slip product needs.

Anti Slip Stair Nosing

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