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Storage Equipment Experts Ltd. is a leading provider of warehouse equipment inspection services. All our inspectors have been approved by SEMA and insured so that you are not liable to claims of negligence should an accident happen. You must ensure that your warehouse is a safe environment for your workers and the products being stored.

Racking Inspection Services

Storage Equipment Experts Ltd. provides the best racking inspection services in the United Kingdom. We ensure that we only engage SEMA approved inspectors, so your inspections are carried out according to the regulations. Warehousing can expose your company to heavy liability claims if you do not keep your equipment according to SEMA regulations. We have plenty of expertise and experience in the field of warehouse inspection services and our inspectors will carefully inspect your equipment and offer recommendations if necessary. Call us now and get to know more about our racking inspection services and how they can be of benefit to you and your business.

Racking Inspection Services

Racking Inspection Training

Storage Equipment Experts Ltd. offers racking inspection training for warehouses all over the United Kingdom. We have the relevant expertise and knowledge to ensure that all our trainees are accredited to carry out inspections within their organisation. The training enables companies to nominate a Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS) who carries out regular inspections of the equipment pending the annual inspection from a SEMA approved inspector. These sessions should be attended by all of your warehouse employees to ensure that they know how to operate equipment safely within the warehouse. Call us now and get to know more about our racking inspection training programme.

Racking Inspection Courses

Storage Equipment Experts Ltd. provides racking inspection courses for the United Kingdom and Ireland. These courses are mandatory so all personnel working within a warehouse environment is equipped with knowledge on the safety regulations that must be maintained. These courses show people how to handle machinery and materials within the warehouse. The benefit to your company is that there are fewer accidents and the operations run smoothly; this translates to a more profitable business. Call us now for more information on our one-day racking inspection course and how it will benefit your business in the long-term. 

Storage Equipment Experts

Storage Equipment Experts is a company that deals with the safety and health of warehouse environments. We ensure that the workers are conversant with regulations about safe working in the warehouse and that the equipment is safe for products and workers alike. These services are important since they shield the company from liability caused by faulty equipment or careless operation of machinery and materials. We have SEMA approved inspectors to make sure that your equipment is safe and we have regular short courses to inform your workers on how to work safely in the warehouse.

Racking Safety Assessments

Storage Equipment Experts Ltd. provides safety racking assessments of warehouses in the United Kingdom. We have SEMA approved inspectors who inspect the condition of your equipment from the ground up. We not only look at the condition of the equipment but also at how your workers operate the machinery within the warehouse which must be done in accordance with SEMA regulations. The safe handling of products and materials in the warehouse is also a factor.  You need a leader in racking safety assessments and that is where we come in. Call us now and get to know more about our services.

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