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We are specialist retail shopfitting contractors. With your aims and ambitions to the fore, we have the skills and resources to design and realise everything from your brand identity to a full shop or cafe interior.

Great design is not the preserve of the 'big of budget'! Whether you want a logo, a jewellery display, a food service bar or an out of town superstore designing, we are able to deliver great design speedily and cost effectively for you.

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This is where we get real! Stripping out and making good existing or old business properties is where we thrive. Store Guru supplies and installs flooring, lighting, shopfittings and display furniture, counters, catering equipment, security shutters and EPOS equipment. Electrical, data, plumbing and HVAC services are also available.

For shopfittings and all related services, we are the source.


Applying your business objectives to a specific location, building or product is where we can help you to visualise your new or invigorated outlet.

Store Guru can provide you with planning and architectural services, surveying, 2D CAD drawings of plans and elevations, full 3D visualisations and fly throughs. We can even source and prototype for you.

Retail Support

Store Guru brings big retail thinking to all. As well as great store design and shopfitting, we are able to assist you in raising your merchandising skills, improving the customer experience in your shop and helping you get the most out of your financial resources.

Good store design and shop management is accessible to the smaller business owner too.

Shop and Retail Lighting

Great retailers know what perceived value does. Increasing it gives your shop the advantage when it comes to selling the exact same product as your competitors. Perceived value can be increased in many ways and a combination is most effective. However, lighting is probably the single most effective element in helping to achieve an advantage over your rivals.

Shop and Retail Flooring

Shop flooring has a subliminal but powerful effect on customers. Most of us have difficulty remembering flooring but we certainly know deep down how we feel about a certain house or shop we enter. These feelings are impacted by what flooring is laid. Besides the obvious practical issues of wear, tear and safety, a floor must be in synergy with the shop and the aims of the retailer.

Shop Security

It is said that approximately 55% of stock loss is down to staff or internal theft where CCTV is most crucial. However, both physical and electronic security are key risk areas for the retailer to address. Store Guru can help and support you in the provision of everything from article tagging through to CCTV systems, roller shutters and even night guards should things get bad.

Shop Signs and Graphics

Perhaps the most cost-effective way of projecting your shop and brand, shop graphics play an increasingly powerful role in the high street. Shop signage and graphics can be a simple logo or a full graphic photo story. They project a retailer's presence, simply and cheaply, compared with most other investments made in shopfitting.

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