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STORM provides a 360-degree view of all your business activities in one place across all time zones 24/7/365.

STORM engenders and supports a new more collaborative paradigm within the workplace that fosters visibility, accountability, responsibility and cooperation.
  Your staff feel empowered to play their full part in the process, enabling managers to manage by exception and concentrate on the business NOT the process.
What does it do?

The STORM planning suite facilitates ALL planning disciplines in one place. Whether you need to: STORM can do it.

STORM Products - Project Planning, BPO, Task Tracking, Scheduling

STORM planning suite
Too many systems today are sold in modular form with only certain people being allowed to see certain bits. At STORM we believe in giving everyone the same simple platform.

  • So there are no complicated licencing for different modules.
  • One simple cost structure, sold per seat per month, if you don’t use, you don’t pay!
  • Visibility is open to all, so there should be no excuses for things being missed or late.
STORM Products - Project Planning, BPO, Task Tracking, Scheduling

Benefits for Business - Resource Management, Workflow, Process Management

It’s not always easy to justify the deployment of new software; you need to weigh-up:

  • Your requirements (What’s the business need?)
  • The sales spiel of preferred vendors (Will it deliver what they claim?)
  • Business and IT Strategy (Does it fit?)
  • Business priorities and potential Return on Investment (ROI) (Is it good value?)
  • How future-proof is the application (Will it be around in 5-10 years’ time?

At STORM we’re confident we have most of your questions/issues covered.

If we haven’t please contact us

  • STORM increases profit margins by improved employee efficiency
  • 10-33% productivity improvements typically achieved**
  • ROI is a no-brainer (Please see calculation below)
  • Dynamic and interactive dashboards that show the latest situation 24/7/365
  • Email alerts highlight problems so you can manage by exception
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) software on-demand (No capital investment)
  • Delivered via The Cloud or behind your firewall
  • Accurate and real-time KPI data captured in the workflow
  • ALL business (or private) activities, workflow and processes in one place
  • Collaborate and share activities, workflow and processes across all time zones
  • FREE access to your data, it's not locked away it's yours
  • Exception management saves valuable Project Management and planning time
  • Scales with your business, only pay for active users

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