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Don't move or buy a new building - put in a mezzanine floor. By installing a mezzanine floor, you can expand your usable space within your existing premises. Where there is sufficient headroom, a mezzanine floor can be installed to provide additional storage, offices, production areas, etc. You can also save on expensive building costs by using existing areas which you are already heating/ lighting. Mezzanine floors are an efficient way to use your available space. Stormor Systems can advise, design and install your new mezzanine floor, taking care of all building control applications and requirements. Due to the wide variety of finishes available, the mezzanine floor can be custom designed to fit in with any existing decor and design. We can achieve any type of finish you desire from functional storage to prestigious offices.


Mezzanine floors can be erected in single, double or triple tiers, to differing floor heights - which makes them suitable for manufacturing, warehousing, cold storage and virtually any type of production. Furthermore, mezzanine floors can be installed over shelving, racking etc. which offers better access to products or production and provides a safe secure working environment.


Racking & Shelving

By selecting from a wide range of sizes and duties for standard frame uprights and beams, our pallet racking can be configured to meet precise criteria in terms of load volume and weight, accessibility, handling requirements and space utilisation. In its standard form pallet racking provides safe, cost-effective storage for many kinds of goods and materials.

Racking & Shelving

Pallet Racking

Adjustable Pallet Racking is a frame and beam system capable of carrying heavy loads. It’s easily installed, cost-effective and versatile.

Efficient storage of palletised goods is determined by many factors including:

  • types of goods stored
  • speed of throughput
  • accessibility
  • type of trucks used
  • amount of floor space available

 By selecting from a wide range of sizes and duties for standard frame uprights and beams, our pallet racking can be configured to meet precise criteria in terms of load volume and weight, accessibility, handling requirements and space utilisation. In its standard form pallet racking provides safe, cost-effective storage for many kinds of goods and materials. However, for increased versatility, we offer a range of practical add-on accessories to make the storage and handling of goods even easier.

Narrow aisle
By allowing fork lift trucks to operate in aisles up to half the width required in conventional adjustable beam pallet racking, Narrow aisle makes excellent use of floor space and maximises the height at which good can be stacked.

Using specialised lift trucks, narrow aisle pallet racking is precision designed for safe, efficient load handling within the tight confines of these space efficient aisles. Guidance rails or wires fitted at floor level ensure precise positioning of trucks. This has the multiple benefit of improving safety, whilst minimising the incidence of accidental damage to racking as well as improving the speed and accuracy of load handling.

This is a variant on standard adjustable beam racking. As the name implies, double-deep allows pallets to be stored two deep but still accessible from the same aisle. By reducing the number of access aisles and using the space saved to accommodate additional pallet racking, a Double-deep configuration provides highly space-efficient storage system.

Pallet Racking

Partitioning & Ceilings

Stormor Systems can offer a choice of partitioning to suit your requirements. We offer Standard partitioning - standard panels which are brought to site and configured as per your requirements and to meet regulations - or Specialist partitioning which is manufactured to your requirements - such as sound proofing, hygenics or other requirements.

Steel Partitioning
Steel partitioning is available in either single skin or double skin.

Single skin steel partition comes in a choice of sections - all steel, steel/mesh, all mesh, steel/glass, steel/glass/steel – and a number of widths. The panels bolt together and are stabilised by the floor tracking, top capping and mullion support. Doors are available as sliding or hinged, complete with handles, and can be either steel of timber. Drop down or sliding hatches are also available.

Steel partitioning can provide secure protection and storage and are available in standard colours or can be ordered in non-standard or corporate colours. Mesh ranges are available in powder coated grey for indoor and hot-dip galvanised for outdoor use. The available finishes are standard colours, powder coated but can be finished to any colour requirement. Standard colours are Light Grey, Dark Grey, White, Sandstone and Brown.

Double skin partitioning which is flush both sides, is suitable for creating offices and clean rooms. Panel sections are of monobloc construction with two steel skins separated by an insulating infil. Panel sections are available in combinations of steel and glass and in a number of different heights. There are also options for FIRE RATED PANELS. Single skin partitioning is compatible with double skin panels and has a high quality appearance.

Double skin partitioning comes in a range of standard colours including powder coated sandstone or grey and stove enamelled grey. Trim components are available in stove enamelled brown or black. Non-standard and corporate colours can are also available to order.

Partitioning & Ceilings

Mesh Partitioning

Mesh partitioning can provide secure storage and flexible protection for industrial and warehouse applications. Stormor Systems has a range of options to suit your needs. Whether your require partitioning for a simple enclosure or one for higher security.

Mesh partitioning is versatile, flexible system that is available in various widths and heights. Steel mesh can be combined freely to fit any space, providing security where required. All panels have a sturdy welded frame design that provides added strength and the system is fully demountable and relocatable. Mesh partitioning can be used as and industrial wall for factory and warehouse applications and the enclosures can incorporate sliding or double doors with a variety of locking options.

Stormor Systems also provides a range of anti-collapse mesh for racking. The Anti Collapse system is ideal for securing pallet racking in factories, warehouses or to provide safety measures for mezzanine floors.

Door Options
Hinged doors are a simple solution for adding to a secure store. The doors are available in various heights and are supplied with the lock mechanism and handle. Locking options include padlock hasp or single or double cylinder locks. The doors have a cover plate that protects the lock from tampering.

Sliding doors are delivered pre-assembled to facilitate quick installation. Doors are available in a wide range of opening widths and heights. Available options include a single sliding door, a double sliding door in a single rail or a double sliding door in a double rail. Door locks are available with a number of options including single cylinder or double cylinder locks or the doors can be supplied with a padlock hasp.

Stormor Systems can also supply mesh boxes, which are particularly suitable for storing hazardous and/or valuable materials and protecting against theft or vandalism. These are available in a paint finish or a galvanised finish - making them very suitable for use outdoors.

Mesh Partitioning

Suspended Ceilings

We use a lay-in-grid suspension system which supports many varieties of tiles. The grids are supplied in standard sizes; however, the provision of cross tee slots at 100mm centres along the main runners allows many sizes of tiles to be easily fitted.

The principal components of the grid are cold-rolled galvanised steel, capped with painted or natural aluminium. Perimeter trims, channel trims and shadow line trims are in matching finishes or painted steel. The standard finish is white, but matt black, bronze and brushed aluminium can be supplied.

Single and double skin steel ceiling can be supplied as required.

Fissured minaboard and plastic faced plasterboard are supplied as standard. Many other tile designs are available on request including tegular type and acoustic qualities.

Ceiling Support Beams
A full range of galvanised channels, timber, steel and lattice beams are available to meet customers’ requirements. A complete range of fascia can be supplied to complement the appearance of the ceiling system.

Fire Rating
The grid has been tested to using a wide range of mineral fibre tiles.

Suspended Ceilings


A cleanroom is a controlled environment, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits. Stormor Systems can design, supply & install cleanrooms which meet your specific needs from Class 100,000 to 1000 (ISO 8-6). The cleanrooms we supply can be installed complete with the air handling and monitoring system, flooring, etc.

Stormor Systems supplies cleanrooms that are constructed of steel partitioning panels which are a high quality double skin type and are available in a range of sizes and glass & steel configurations. Although these suit the cleanroom environment perfectly, the partitioning can be used in other applications too.

The most important element of a cleanroom is the air handling. There are 2 main categories of airflow - laminar & non-laminar. Non-laminar systems are cost effecting and typically used for lower classed rooms ie rooms which are classed for a higher contaminant count allowance. Laminar systems give better performance by pushing particles through a perforated raised floor and hence can be used for classes with a lower particle count allowance. The air handling unit will also control the temperature and humidity , if required.


Longspan Shelving

If you need a versatile heavy duty storage system  Longspan shelving is for you. Whether you’re planning a simple low-rise shelving set-up or a large scale heavy duty storage facility, Longspan fits the bill. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Longspan shelving offers wide unrestricted shelf levels - ideal for the storage of heavy, large and awkwardly shaped items. The simple frame and beam system is easy to assemble and adjust as your needs change. Beams fasten simply and securely onto uprights and are easily adjusted. Easy-to-fit locking clips prevent accidental dislodgement. Once the frames and beams are up, shelving materials simply drop into place and the system is ready to use! It’s as simple as that.

There is a choice of beams suitable for all applications. The shelving is also available in a choice of flat or profiled galvanised steel, making Longspan suitable for any environment.

Longspan Shelving

Euro Shelving

Wherever there’s a need for storage, there’s a job for Stormor Euro Shelving. From stand alone single units to multi-level storage bays, Stormor Euro Shelving is the single, simple-to-use, versatile solution.

The design is modular for ease of assembly, Stormor Euro Shelving offers almost limitless scope for the creation of customised storage facilities; and a complementary range of accessories extends its capabilities still further.

Stormor Euro Shelving features unique shelf support clips that simply slot into place giving firm support for even the heaviest loading requirements, yet allowing for quick and easy repositioning whenever required. Standard shelves will support loads of up to 200kgs (440lbs) - and when that’s not enough, there’s the option to specify heavy or extra heavy duty for the more demanding storage environment.

Stormor Euro Shelving offers a solution to the problem of organising small parts storage in a function yet attractive system for all storage areas. In an environment where space is limited, Stormor Euro Shelving gives you the capacity to store more that you’d think possible. Mobile and two-tier systems add greatly to the storage capability of space-sensitive locations. Because it’s so versatile Stormor Euro Shelving is the ideal choice to cope with the growing requirements of long term storage facilities too.

Euro Shelving

Stormor Shelving

Stormor® Shelving has been designed to keep apace with changes in markets and legislation and the demands that these changes place on our customers and their product ranges. We believe the Stormor® Shelving range meets the changing needs of today's workplace. Our goal is to achieve a shelving system which makes optimum use of all available space whilst satisfying the huge range of demands posed by the many different products and data records which need accessible storage. The challenge was to incorporate the changing demands into a new shelving system without compromising load capacity and safety.

Key design criteria were:

  • Versatile, easy to install shelving with minimum lost storage space
  • A system sufficiently adaptable to accommodate any product
  • Comprehensive range of shelf and frame sizes for both general and specific requirements
  • Easy-fit accessories to comprehensive range of shelf and frame sizes for both general and specific requirements
  • Minimum number of components with maximum interchange-ability

We believe Stormor® Shelving can deliver the right solution for you.

Stormor Shelving

E-Z Rect

Various size shelving modules are available to ensure maximum use of your valuable storage space.E-Z-RECT shelving is perfect for archive storage - e-z-rect modules are purpose designed for document/record storage utilizing strong, manageable size boxes.

E-Z-RECT shelving is completely bolt free and therefore is easily and quickly assembled and adjusted. It is ideally suited to mobile or multi-tiered schemes.
For more information on E-Z-RECT shelving, call us on 0870 380 4344

E-Z Rect
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