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Stratech Scientific distributor of high quality, competitively priced, reliable research laboratory products, throughout the UK and Europe.

Life science research tools

Currently we supply over 280,000 life science research tools from manufacturers around the world, providing a comprehensive range of antibodies (primary, secondary), reagents and cells in areas such as immunology, cell biology and specialist fields like cancer and neuroscience.

Our products are used for diverse techniques such as immunochemistry, fluorescent labelling, tissue culture, ELISA, microarrays amongst others.

Life science research tools

Research Areas of Interest

Stratech Scientific has a large range of products of interest to scientists working in various research fields. Below is a selection of the current areas available:

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Please be aware information provided here is for guidance purposes only. You should always check all procedures before use. We do not accept liability for any losses or damage incurred due to use of these procedures.

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Technical Notes & Tips

These notes supplement the protocols section with information such as correct antibody pairs etc.

Stratech Scientific has released a number of technical notes to assist you in getting the most out of your secondary antibodies. You can find these by going to the Jackson ImmunoResearch supplier section of the technical notes page.

ISO Accredited

Being ISO9001:2008 accredited ensuring superior quality and service for our customers. This means that we adhere to strict quality and checking guidelines to ensure all customer orders are timely and accurate.

Oncology Research Product Range

Stratech Scientific offers a comprehensive range of products for research in the field of Oncology Research.

Oncology Focus from Stratech provides a selection of products for the detection and investigation of cancer.  This selection of reagents and tools varies from proteins and antibodies to microfluidic technology based solutions to assess aspects such as metastasis and cellular invasion.

A basic search for the word cancer, will get you started with a few products we supply.

Key Areas Related to Oncology Research

• Angiogenesis
• Apoptosis
• Autophagy
• Cytokines
• Extracellular matrix
• G protein signalling
• Growth Factors
• Hypoxia
• Metabolism
• Microfluidic Technology
• Nuclear signalling
• Tumour immunology
• Tumour suppressors & Oncoproteins

Molecular Biology Tools

Stratech Scientific supply Molecular Biology products from a range of different manufacturers, to give you all the reagents you need for your experiments in one place.

Enzymes & Cloning Tools

  • Proteases, Nucleases & DNA modifying enzymes
  • DNA binding proteins
  • Transferases, Glycosylases & Topoisomerases
  • Ligases & Cloning kits
  • DNA ladders & Molecular weight markers
  • Agaroses
  • DNA & RNA purification kits


Cell culture & Genome engineering

  • Transfection reagents & systems
  • Lentivectors & Minicircle DNAs
  • Media & Antibiotics
  • Genome editing systems:
    • EZ-TAL (TALE-based)
    • CRISPR/Cas9 Smartnuclease
    • phiC31 integrase


DNA Amplification & Sequencing

  • dNTPs & Oligos
  • Polymerases for:
    • Hot start
    • High fidelity
    • Multiplex &
    • Long range PCR


qPCR & qRT-PCR master mixes

  • Direct PCR Lyophilisates
  • Single cell qRT-PCR assay kits
  • ExoSAP-IT® PCR cleanup reagent for sequencing
  • Prep2Seq™ rapid NGS Library prep kits


Tools for Visualisation & Analysis

  • Bioluminescent, Fluorescent and PET imaging vectors for in vivo tracking of cell fate
  • DNA probes & fluorescently labelled dNTPs for hybridisation analysis
  • EMSA gel-shift assays for transcription factor activation
  • Chemiluminescent ELISA-based arrays for Transcription factor activation, gene expression & miRNA expression
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