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Here at Strath-Air Ltd, we specialise in air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration with our experienced team intent on setting high standards and putting your mind at ease. Our extensive range of services includes air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation services and much more- all at the most competitive prices. With many years' experience in the industry, Strath-Air Ltd is fully equipped to deal with any of your issues professionally and efficiently.

Air Conditioning

Strath-Air Ltd is renowned for offering a comprehensive range of air conditioning system solutions for the home, office as well as for commercial applications. Without any ties to one particular brand, Strath-Air Ltd can offer the best rates to suit your budget.


Strath-Air Ltd is renowned for offering a selection of refrigeration products suitable for use in a variety of retail / domestic environments.

Multideck displays   • Serve over displays    • Frozen food/freezers    • Glass door chillers    • Bottle coolers    • Counter top displays  • Ice machines   • Storage fridges   • Under counter fridge/freezers  • Upright fridge/freezers  • Commercial kitchen fridge/freezers


Strath-Air Limited offers a range of electric heaters and fans that are ideal solutions for both home and commercial applications. Our fans and heaters are available in both portable and fixed models.

Our products include:
    • Evaporative air coolers    • Desk fans    • Pedestal fans    • Air circulators    • Drum fans    • Tower fans    • Box fans

    • Carpet dryer fans

Get in touch with your local, trusted source for full pricing and product details on fans and heaters.
For evaporative air coolers, desk fans, air circulators and much more,



Strath-Air Ltd has been providing ventilation and fan products and services throughout all industries for many years. We offer a full design and selection service for our comprehensive range of products

Our range of ventilation and fans includes:

• Kitchen ventilation systems   • Kitchen canopy  • Kitchen canopy cleaning    • Grilles, diffusers and louvers    • Fire and smoke dampers    • Wall fans    • Window fans    • In-line fans    • Ducting    • Speed controllers   • and many more applications

Air Cleaners

Strath-Air Ltd has provided quality products for the commercial, industrial, residential, and military markets, engineered specifically to provide a clean, safe and comfortable indoor air environment. Dependable performance, superior product quality and excellent customer service are essential to our long-term success. Our products can be found in homes, offices, factories, pubs, clubs, hospitals and sea vessels. Our long partnership with one of the world's leading manufacturer, Trion, has given us the reputation as one of the best in the business.

Our air purifying products include wall mount, ducted, suspending ceiling and portable units.

Trion products include:
• Trion Supreme   • Trion series 60 / 120   • Trion Air Bear   • Trion Space Saver   • Trion T-series   • Trion Table Top

• Trion Console   • Trion IMP 38   • Trion VOMP 600

We supply and service most air cleaners and associated products as well as supplying parts for most.

If you need an air cleaner, contact Strath-Air Ltd

We also supply and install

•  Honeywell  •  Honeywell F90a  •  Honeywell F90b  •  Honeywell F92c

 •  Euromate  •  Visionair 1  •  Visionair 2  •  And many more


Building on over 25 years' experience in filters, Strath-Air Limited offer a comprehensive product range of both standard and custom designed filter elements and housings to suit your needs.

Filter products:
• Activated carbon filters  • Electrostatic filters  • Foam filters  • Filter media pads  • Fibre media pads  • HEPA filters

• Carbon filters  • Grease mesh filters  • Grease baffle filters  • Air filtration units designed for critical pharmaceutical applications  • Box filters  • Panel filters    • Disposable panel filters    • Disposable pleated panel filters    • High efficiency pleated panel filter    • High capacity panel filter    • Grade G4 panel filters    • Air conditioning filters    • Impregnated activated carbon bag filters   • Fire retardant bag filters (Grade G4/EU4,      Grade F5/EU5, Grade F6/EU6, Grade F7/EU7,      Grade F8/EU8, Grade F9/EU9)    • General high efficiency bag filters    • Neat pleat fine synthetic filters    • Paint arrestor filter media

If it has a filter we have a quality replacement. Even if we don't have it in stock, we can easily provide custom fits.

We cover all your filter needs. Call Strath-Air Ltd today.


Strath-Air Limited supply a wide range of hygiene products in the air care, washroom, infant care and flying insect control sectors including odour control dispensers, chemical dosing systems, and hand care products.

We can supply the following products:

• Fragrance dispenser and refills  • Large space fragrance dispenser and refills   • Baby changing units  • Hand dryer

• Ozone generator units to combat smells in toilets   • Urinal In-line fragrance dispenser and refills   • Surface sanitizer liquid dispenser and refills   • Soap dispenser and refills   • Urinal water management system   • Fly traps

Useful Information

If you need a seasoned, professional air conditioning service for full system installation, repair and maintenance, you have come to the right place. Strath-Air Ltd will work with you from the initial, free consultation to project completion

Here is some information you may find useful

All Strath-Air Ltd engineers are fully FGAS certified, with individual City & Guilds or CITB certificates. Our FGAS registration number is available on request.


Certain refrigerants containing harmful HCFC compounds are having a damaging effect on the environment. R22 refrigerant gas has been illegal since 31st December 2009 and as of 1st January 2015, the use of all HCFCs will be banned.

Government allowances

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme encourages companies to use energy saving technologies and plant. This scheme provides businesses with 100% tax relief in the first year on their qualifying capital expenditure. 

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) provides tax breaks for new equipment bought (up to £100,000 per year).

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