Street CraneXpress Ltd (An SCX Company)


We are a national crane service provider with the ability to provide a comprehensive crane inspection and maintenance service to clients throughout the UK.

We can provide maintenance, repair, refurbishment and upgrades to all types of overhead cranes and lifting equipment, tailoring your package to suit your equipment and its usage.

Report of Thorough Examination -

Current health and safety legislation requires all lifting equipment to undergo regular inspection by a competent person to ensure it is safe, properly maintained and fit for purpose. The Report of Thorough Examination, which is a statutory requirement, is the legally recognised guarantee that your equipment is structurally sound, does not pose any potential risk to operators or other persons, and is safe for use. Failure to comply can result in serious consequences for both the organisation in question and its responsible person(s).

Our engineers are recognised as competent persons under LOLER and can undertake a thorough inspection and report of thorough examination of all types of lifting equipment at a time you choose to minimise disruption to your production schedule.

Crane Service

We provide crane servicing and planned preventative maintenance tailored to your requirements. 

Our key objective is to extend the lifespan and efficiency of your lifting equipment, whatever the manufacturer, thereby reducing your costs and improving safety. 

National 24 hour Crane Breakdown Support

We provide a national 24-hour crane breakdown support service.

Our 24-hour crane breakdown support is accessible via our 24 hour freephone line and our on-call engineers are always on hand to respond swiftly to a situation.

Crane Maintenance Outsourcing

By outsourcing your crane maintenance to Street CraneXpress, you are provided with the equivalent of a contracted crane support manager with a service engineer dedicated to your needs.

This crane maintenance outsourcing can provide you with a more involved crane management than you might be able to provide internally. For more information please visit our website.

Lifting Equipment

Aside from our outstanding service and maintenance, we also provide lifting equipment and installation services.

From the installation of new lifting equipment to relocation of existing equipment, we provide the perfect package to maximise the performance of your lifting and handling needs, reducing downtime and improving plant safety.


We provide a range of chain and wire rope hoists engineered to provide higher levels of safety, productivity and most importantly, reliability.

We can either upgrade your current system or replace it and our selection of hoists include:

  • LX electric chain hoists
  • ZX wire rope hoists
  • VX heavy duty hoists


Monorails are a cost-effective solution for moving goods along specified routes such as moving loads through production phases. As part of our comprehensive service, we install monorails tailor made for your needs.

Models include:

  • Switch-tracks
  • Curved sections
  • Turntable monorails
  • Custom designed monorails to suit your facilities

Light Crane Systems

Light crane systems have the same flexibility as an overhead travelling crane, but are used for smaller operations. We offer a cost-effective solution where smaller loads are being used.

Light crane systems are compact and can be installed where space limitations may otherwise not allow for a standard crane.

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes allow for safety of handling heavy hauls in a small area, increasing efficiency on the assembly line and also reducing risk of injury during the lifting. Our jib cranes are suitable for a number of applications and requirements.

Features available include:

  • Electric chain or wire rope hoists
  • Electric travel and electric slewing gear
  • Under or over braced to maximise height of lift or travel
  • Maximum slew up to 360º

Crane and Overhead Lifting Equipment Training

Our crane and overhead lifting equipment training program is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of operating cranes and overhead lifting equipment as safely as possible.

Our knowledge of the design and manufacture of overhead cranes makes our crane and overhead lifting equipment training program unrivaled.

Spare Parts for Cranes

We supply a huge range of spare parts for cranes and other attachments to allow you to improve the longevity, performance and efficiency of your crane or lifting equipment.

As well as spare parts for cranes, other products we supply include slings, power feed products and control products.

Crane Refurbishment and Modernisation

Part of our service is a dedicated crane refurbishment and modernisation service for when your existing equipment is no longer up to operational standard.

This can be through increased use and demand, changing the product it is used for or where older cranes are no longer safe enough for today's standards. Contact us now for an upgrade or to find out more about our crane refurbishment and modernisation services.

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