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A one – stop shop for all UK highway equipment: we supply a full range of street furnishing products including bollards ,parking posts ,barriers, guardrailing ,road signage, solar products and passive safety products.

With our extensive product range, and knowledgeable sales staff we can offer years of experience and advise in solving your purchasing needs. From old traditional Cast Bollards to the latest solar technological products in the market, we are the one stop shop for all your Street Furnishing needs.

one-stop shop for all UK highway equipment; we supply a full range of

Traffic Management, Temporary Signage, Roadworks Equipment

We supply a range of products required for temporary roadworks that meet the “Safety at Street Works and Roadworks Code of Practice and Recommendations” contained within Chapter 8. These items required for the controlled management of pedestrians and traffic during the works including cones, signs and lights through to a full contra-flow system.

We also supply site equipment, including cable locators, temporary traffic lights, measuring equipment, vehicle accessories, workman tents and spill management.

Traffic Management, Temporary Signage, Roadworks Equipment

Pedestrian Guardrailing, Crash Barriers and Fencing

We have hi-vis barriers with panels made to order to help create safer routes. Our products are excellent visual reminders to motorists of a potential hazardous area. We also have a variety of fencing types available. Bow-top fencing through to palisade security fencing, ideal for security sensitive areas.

We also supply crash barriers ideal for use in car parks both open box beam and Armco designs with either a rigid or flexible supports to suit your requirements.

Pedestrian Guardrailing, Crash Barriers and Fencing

Decorative Bollards and Amenity Bollards

We provide an extensive range of decorative bollards to help create the right atmosphere. Our products are designed to meet virtually any situation where bollards are required.

Features for our decorative bollards include:

  • Bollards for parking restriction: fixed, fold-down, telescopic and removable
  • Bollards to delineate areas: reflective, wooden, cast iron, plastics, concrete, stainless steel, recycled and polyurethane
  • Bollards for directing traffic: keep-left illuminated, verge posts, cycle route bollards
  • Bollards for protection: anti ram-raid, mild steel bollards, pavement protection bollards
  • Bollards for decoration: fancy cast iron, stainless steel, wooden, amenity lighting
Decorative Bollards and Amenity Bollards

Amenity and Street Furniture

We provide street furniture such as:

  • cycle parking
  • public seating
  • litterbins
  • signage

Our street furniture includes a large range of varied styles of cycle stands and shelters available to suit all budgets, and also have a range of public seating from the traditional park bench through to more modern styled metal and stainless steel seating.

Amenity and Street Furniture

Car Parks and Access Control

For car parking management, we supply all types of bollards (mainly featured in Section 4) for restricting areas of parking, along with white lining and road studs for the defining of parking bays. We can supply access control systems, such as automated card entry to manual barriers as well.

Please visit our website for more information and our complete list car parking management and access control products..

Car Parks and Access Control

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