Stretch Ceilings Ltd


Stretch Ceilings, are the world's largest independent Stretch Ceiling Company and now offer an independent extensive range of stretch ceilings, lighting and panel solutions with a new technically advanced product backed by our 20 years experience and award winning expertise.

Stretch Ceiling Features and Lighting Diffusers offer the fantastic opportunity for added dimension in design and critically, ceiling performance. Stretch Ceilings are available in over 250 colours, finishes, textures and styles. Stretch Ceilings are fully certified Non Toxic, Recyclable, Sustainable and suitable for use in Commercial and Domestic environments.

Stretch Acoustics

Sound Absorbing Solution

  • Aesthetic solution to sound absorption
  • 250,000 perforations +/- per sq/m converting sound into heat energy
  • Acoustic performance can be "tailored" or finely tuned
  • Absorption of sound can be accurately predicted
  • Shaped and formed to your design in a range of colours and finishes
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