Stroud Instruments Ltd.

Founded by the present directors in 1971, Stroud Instruments Ltd. designs and manufactures high quality measurement, control and display instrumentation. The quality and reliability of our products have assured our status as an approved supplier to UK water and energy utility companies and the Environment Agency. We are an ISO 9001: 2000 registered company.

We offer a wide range of analogue and digital instrumentation for use wherever process variables require to be monitored, displayed, conditioned or controlled. Our products include:
  • Signal converters
  • Signal conditioners
  • Signal Isolators
  • Trip amplifiers
  • Frequency/pulse to analogue converters
  • Power supplies
  • Battery back-up power supplies
  • Resistance/level transmitters
  • Process digital panel meters 
  • Integrators/analogue to frequency converters
A particular expertise is in providing special functions such as:
  • Raise ~ lower/set-point generators
  • Ramp generators
  • High/Low signal selectors
  • BCD to analogue converters
  • Analogue summators/subtractors/averagers
  • Square root extractors
  • Status and analogue signal transmitter/receivers
  • Analogue signal comparators
  • Pulse isolators, pulse summators
  • Status to analogue converters
The majority of our design activity is directed towards the development and improvement of the product range. However we are proud of our outstanding service in response and support of customer specified design requirements.
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