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Established over 10 years in the promotional marketing industry; Sugarworks has become synonymous as a specialist manufacturer and producer of Business Promotional Sweets and Corporate Confectionery Products.

We specialise in producing the Sweetie Box, a clever marketing tool which can be designed to replicate most shapes including cars, houses, vans, lorries, buses etc etc etc. Printed up to four colours, gloss laminated and filled with either jellybeans, mints or you choose from our long list of alternative fillings - this product can be supplied from as little as £0.35p ea dependant on quantity

If you are considering a promotional campaign and really want to make a difference and stand out from the crowd then look no further - with over 70 combined years experience Sugarworks has the solution to sweeten up your ideas…
Manufacturers of:
                                     • Promotional candy & Chocolate Lollipops
                                     • Personalised Chocolate Bars
                                     • Bespoke Chocolate Shapes
                                     • Chocolate Boxes
                                     • Sweetie Bags
                                     • Sweetie Boxes
                                     • Easter Eggs & Sweet Goodies
                                     • Christmas Sweets and Boxes 
                                     • Neapolitan Chocolates
                                     • Extra Strong Mints
                                     • Mint Boxes
                                     • Chocolate Sachets
                                     • Lettered Candy & Rock Bar

Plus much much more.

All our products are personalised to meet with your requirement. You'll find us honest, sincere and extremely competitive.

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