Suka Electro Heating Systems (Sueka)


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The SUKA (pronounced sue-ka) range of slimline, modular heaters offers you economical running, fuel efficiency savings, upheaval-free installation and no servicing costs ever. They are literally ‘plug’n’use’, giving you elegant and healthy, thermostatically controlled heat at the flick of a switch.

Imagine a central heating system that…

  • Can be installed quickly and easily - by you!
  • Is highly economical and simple to control
  • Is environmental and eco-friendly
  • Provides the best form of warmth - radiant heat
  • Releases no emissions or CO2
  • SÜKA makes it possible - with quality and value that will really surprise you.

With our true genuine German engineering, Süka's Made in Germany heaters are unbeatable in all you desire to enjoy from your economy power heaters. so browse this site to see more...

... now you're really getting warmer!

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