Sulzer Pumps Wastewater UK Ltd

Sulzer has vast experience in the handling of domestic and commercial wastewater. We are dedicated to helpingĀ professionals design, select, install and service any type of wastewater system. At our disposal are all the solutions needed to keep a building running smoothly.

Domestic Applications

Domestic properties pose wastewater challenges both large and small. In addition to waste disposal from toilets,

there are diverse sources of drainage and grey wastewater including not only sinks and showers, but also drainage

from yards and gardens. The high reliability of Sulzer pumps and lifting stations offers security for metropolitan

and remote properties alike.

Domestic Applications

Commercial Applications

Commercial properties share many challenges with domestic properties when it comes to pumping and lifting,

but their more diverse uses can also mean special demands. Sulzer pumps and lifting stations reliably move not

only wastewater with a high proportion of solid or fibrous matter, but also aggressive and even chemically contaminated wastewater.

Commercial Applications

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