Summit Systems Ltd


Summit Systems was established in 1990 by Mike Jordan, and is now a market leader in the UK and Ireland plastics ancillary equipment market.

Summit Systems provide more efficient and less wasteful production to manufacturers from the automotive, construction, electronics, food & drink, housewares, pharmaceutical, packaging and white goods sectors. Its product range covers material storage, conveying, blending, colouring, drying, magnetic platens, robots, sprue separation and granulation of scrap.

The company is not tied to any one brand or system and is able to provide access to the best plastics ancillary products the world has to offer. It retains sole distribution rights to many products within the UK.

Summit Systems was the first in the market to provide a 24/7 callout service and holds numerous accolades for its outstanding customer service. Regionally based engineers are on hand to respond quickly to breakdowns and access to £3million of stock ensures equipment is back on line as quickly as possible.

Employees are chosen for their fit with Summit Systems values, to work to the highest standards with a positive attitude and a fun approach to work.

Summit Systems is an independent organisation with 60 employees and turnover of £10million.


Conveyors provide simple automation for the moving (conveying) of parts from machines and between manufacturing processes. In addition to Conveyors we also provide Sprue separation, automatic sorting of injection moulding waste and product packaging systems.



Central Drying Systems

Central Drying Systems can be floor standing but are often positioned on a mezzanine. A typical system may comprise larger dehumidifying dryers supplying dry air to multiple groups of hoppers. Individual heating units can be fitted to each drying hopper to allow a wide range of materials to be dried at different temperatures within the same system. Material selection is typically made via a manifold station.

Oil Traps

Certain types of plastic pellets produce droplets of oil during the dehumidifying drying process. It is possible that the dehumidifying air will grab the oil and carry it into the dryer. This action can result in damage or malfunction of the dryer and may also reduce the lifespan of the dryer.

Our Oil Trap separates the oil from the air using a cyclone centrifugal process. Integral to this system is a cooling coil which increases the efficiency of the operation.

Gravimetric Blenders

Gravimetric Blenders automatically and precisely blend multiple components. Typically Virgin, Regrind and Masterbatch for Injection and Blow Moulding applications

Magnetic Platens

Magnetic Platens allow practical and safe rapid tool change in the injection moulding process. This system is perfectly designed to meet the demands of lean manufacturing. A machine equipped with this system immediately becomes more productive and maintains this value over time. The system protects the machine avoiding wear and damage to the platens and prevents operative stress to the mould.

Pipe and Profile Shredders

Summit Systems are agents for Zerma in the UK and Ireland.

The main challenge in recycling plastic pipes and profile lies in the length of the extruded products.

These Shredders have been developed by world renowned Zerma for the size reduction of pipes up to 1,300mm diameter in plastic materials such as UPVC, PE and PP. Pipes up to 9 metres in length may be shredded without the need for pre cutting.

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