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  • High Voltage Silicon Low Power
  • High Voltage Silicon Medium Power
  • High Voltage Silicon High Power
  • High Voltage Power Mosfet (N-Channel)
  • High Voltage Silicon Epoxy Power Transistors
  • Silicon Darlington Transistors
  • Silicon Dual Differential Amplifier Transistors
  • Silicon Transistors-Small Signal
  • Silicon Transistors- Medium & High Power
  • Silicon Transistors- Medium Power General Purpose
  • High Voltage Transistors

Since its founding in 1968, Semiconductor Technology, Inc. has assumed a leading role in high voltage N-Channel mosfet and high voltage NPN/PNP transistor technology. Semiconductor Technology, Inc. endeavours to offer its customers the most reliable, state-of-the-art mosfets and transistors in the industry.

Semiconductor Technology, Inc. serves a wide range of industrial, telecommunications, medical, and military OEM's both in the domestic and international markets. The quality assurance procedures and a zero-defects program have been in force for over 30 years.

Semiconductor Technology, Inc. can process transistors to environmental and burn-in screening Class I, II, and III, which meets military environmental requirements and is in compliance with ISO9001:2008; Semiconductor Technology, Inc. is a leader in high voltage N-Channel mosfet and high voltage NPN/PNP transistor types, and the product line encompasses the most complete NPN/PNP dual transistor (dual differential transistors) line. Approximately thirty-five percent of our high voltage N-Channel mosfets and high voltage NPN/PNP transistors are sole source items.

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Harsh Environment Analogue ICs

  • Preamplifier ICs
  • 1200-series High CMRR Balanced Line Receiver ICs
  • Analogue Engine® Dynamics Processors
  • 2252 - RMS Level Detector IC
  • Balanced Line Receiver ICs
  • Balanced Line Driver ICs - TT Semiconductor 1600 Series
  • Blackmer® IC Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs)
  • 1300 Series - Matched Transistor Arrays

There are many applications where Integrated Circuits need improved performance over what is currently provided by standard commercial offerings. This requires higher grade packaging of the die with screening and testing of these devices to more severe electrical, mechanical or thermal limits. This process will increase the components reliability and survivability in harsh or demanding environments. TT Semiconductor has the expertise in the manufacture of standard semiconductor products specifically designed to meet these requirements. If you don’t see what you are specifically looking for in our website, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can satisfy your special needs.

Harsh Environment Analogue ICs

Specialist Component Distribution

Supply Chain Partner Ltd is an independent distributor of Electronic Components. We aim to go the extra mile and offer a degree of flexibility not offered by the multi-nationals in our industry. Our aim is to partner your purchasing efforts by providing a superior and flexible service.

Our network of qualified and authenticated suppliers allows us to offer fast, accurate responses to your daily requirements and provide that little bit extra, just when you need it most.

If you are tired of the increasingly faceless multi-national approach to your purchasing needs, then call us. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Specialist Component Distribution

Obsolete Components

Global Sourcing -
Supply Chain Partner Ltd provide sourcing solutions to Purchasing, Production, R&D and Customer support departments.

  • Worldwide suppliers
  • Personal, fast response to RFQs
  • Low-cost procurement
  • Vendor reduction
  • Flexible

We are able to supply any component used on or around a PCB. Our network of suppliers allows you local access to the global market.  At Supply Chain Partner Ltd, we believe that integrity is paramount. We won’t make false claims about availability or pretend to hold stock of every component in the world. We understand that you have a choice. But we realise that repeat business is a consequence of outstanding customer service. So, whether you have a scheduled requirement or a line-stopper, speak to us- we can help.

Obsolete Components & Hard-to-find components

  • ICs 
  • Discrete- Diodes, Transistors, Thyristors, SCRs
  • Memory 
  • Micro 
  • Resistor, Capacitor 
  • E-mech

The dilemma for all purchasing professionals! We won't trawl the garbage bins of the world to offer quick fixes. Where possible, we aim to supply FFF replacements. Where necessary, we supply original parts that will be authenticated prior to supply.

Obsolete Components
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