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Our range of RFI filters are designed for a wealth of applications and budgets. General purpose RFI filters offer reliable attenuation for the protection and suppression of most machines.

RFI filters are available in ratings up yo 100 amps three phase four lines. When needed, we can assemble open filter designs on a printed circuit board.

EMC Filters

We offer custom built EMC filters so our designs can be adapted for a wealth of purposes. Our general purpose EMC filters can help lower the cost of EMC solutions.

We also work with screened room designers and manufacturers and have developed a series of 100dB plus filters. 

Screened Room Filters

Our 100dB plus screened room filters are durable and built for general purpose and integrate individually shielded input and output spreader or terminal enclosures.

They are heavily tin plated and painted in a dark blue colour. However, the final finish can be in a variety of colours. We also supply various screened room filters to suppress noise on data transfer lines.

Audio Capacitors

Our audio capacitors include polypropylene capacitors and high voltage capacitors integrated with axial design.

Audio capacitors are suited for general audio applications and are available with a variety of values and ranges of voltages.

3 Phase Filters

Our general purpose filters also include 3 phase filters and are suitable for accentuation, suppression and protection on most machines.

The 3 phase filters have cases constructed in dipped steel or tin plated steel and are rugged and can be designed to individual requirements.

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