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Surveyroof offer unbiased non-destructive Roof Condition SurveysFlat Roof SurveysElectronic Roof Leak Detection and Integrity Testing on new or existing flat roof and other structural non conductive waterproofing membranes Nationwide. (SINGLE PLY, FELT BUR, ASPHALT, LIQUID APPLIED, HOT MELT)

We are able to provide superior detection of all waterproofing defects utilising testing methods for wet or dry conditions across the UK.

Electronic Flat Roof Leak Detection

A method of non-destructive testing in wet or dry conditions on new or existing flat roof and other structural waterproofing membranes, to pinpoint all waterproofing defects.

When testing is complete, Surveyroof will provide  a detailed, unbiased and confidential report  on the condition of your waterproofing system. The report includes drawings and photographic documentation detailing the location and nature of each defect allowing targeted cost effective repairs to the waterproofing membrane to restore its waterproofing integrity.

Earth Leakage Flat Roof Leak Detection - "Wet Test"

Often referred to as the “wet test”, this method is ideal for use on any flat or low-pitched roof to identify defects in exposed membrane or ballasted systems without the need to remove ballast (loose stone chippings, paving slabs, landscaped).

This test is performed in wet conditions (rainfall) or with a hosed down wetted test area.


A pulse generator emits pulses with a voltage of 40V which are conducted onto the roof structure via a wire ring circuit. Since all roof membranes are more or less non-conducting, the electrical pulse chooses a path across the moisture to where the leak is located and then flows over the damp roof in all directions to reach the ring circuit.

We can now determine the currents direction of flow and trace it back to its source. This source is exactly the spot where moisture is penetrating the roof membrane.

Holiday Detector Test - "Dry Test" Flat Roof Leak Detection

Often referred to as the “dry test”. This method is ideal for use on any flat or low pitched roof to identify defects in exposed membrane systems allowing for a quicker testing schedule identifying defects such as pinholes and punctures.

This test can only be performed in dry conditions


The detector delivers, via a phosphor-bronze brush, a stabilised D.C. output voltage across the non conductive waterproofing membrane under test. Detection of defects is by an audible tone and a visual spark from the search electrode (brush)

Flat Roof Integrity Testing

As part of the Roof Condition Survey and Electronic Flat Roof Leak Detection Survey, all laps, welds, seams and roof detail are physically tested and checked using a blunt end, hand held roofing probe to ensure all welds are bonded and watertight as the wet/dry testing methods have limitations in these areas of the membrane.

A full visual inspection of the roof areas under test is also undertaken to ensure that there are no issues with areas that do not come under the remit of the ELD surveys such as cappings, brick and/or metalwork.

Other trades, who are also on the roof area at the time and after completion of the test, are documented to ensure that any physical or mechanical damage to the membrane can be attributed and identified.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermography is a non-destructive type of testing, and is an invaluable resource for predictive maintenance to assess flat roofs for damaged insulation and entrapped moisture allowing building owners to make an informed decision to action any defects identified to extend the life span of your roof.

All our Thermographers use the Flir Systems P640 range of equipment, the highest resolution camera available to ensure we pick up details lesser cameras may miss.

Roof Maintenance

Having a Roof Maintenance Program is the fundamental key to achieving maximum roof life with minimal problems.

Your roof protects you, your workers, and your capital expenditures and is subjected to constant wear and deterioration. Nothing lasts forever, and even your roof is subjected to constant wear and deterioration. Its life span, in comparison to the life span of the structure holding it up, is short.

It is then probably safe to say that a comprehensive roof maintenance program is an essential part of extending the useful life of your roof. Our roof maintenance programmes are saving owners and property managers thousands of pounds in unplanned roof expenditures.

Our roof maintenance programme technicians are trained to ensure you are provided with the highest quality of workmanship. Our roof maintenance programmes can be tailored to suit the client and as such can consist of many different services to include:

Quarterly/Bi-Annual/Annual site visits
Electronic Leak Detection/Diagnostic Testing
Removal of all rubbish, debris and leaves from roof areas and gutters
Inspect all rainwater outlets, replace leaf guards
A photographic report will be provided on completion so that the client can action any defects identified to extend the life span of your roof.

Avoid a roof disaster and keep costs down with a comprehensive roof maintenance program solution from Surveyroof Ltd.

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