Sussex Aircon Ltd

Based in Crowborough, East Sussex, Sussex Aircon offers air conditioning products that are modern, cost effective and efficient. An ideal solution for both the home and office to make the most of your environment.We offer a large range of products including Air Conditioning Units, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Heaters, Fans, Eavaporative Coolers, Air Purifiers and more! All with free delivery throughout the UK. Take control of your climate. Whether its heating or cooling we can help.

Benefits include:

*Climate Comfort and Control*

*Health benefits related to; asthma, breathing difficulties,
dust mites and other air related allergies.*

*Cleaner Air*

In excess, heat can make you feel uncomfortable. It can disrupt your sleep and disturb your ability to concentrate. Resolve all of these issues and more by installing an Air Conditioning unit. TN6 2AH
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