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We operate an equine waste collection service where the waste is classed as agricultural and spread onto the land. This puts the goodness back to areas which are in need, using a grab loader and a container system.

We also operate a paddock sweeping, harrowing and rolling service.

Our coverage at present goes from East Hampshire to East Sussex, and south Surrey. We deal with large livery and race yards down to the small 1-2 horse owners.

We hold a current and valid waste carriers licence. New ventures this year are an 8cyd skip system for small customers and an equine grooming machine which both washes and dries your horse.

Our contracting division deals with bulk muck removal and spreading.

High-grade Horse Manure

Puckamuck delivers natural and sustainable full-strength, high-grade horse manure for gardeners who really value a natural product and who care about the environment. It is equine manure of the highest quality, with a straw or wood-shavings base. We collect from stables in Surrey and Sussex, then shred, blend and fully mature the product before we sell it. We are confident you will not buy a better quality manure cheaper.

Manure Sales Sussex

Sussex Manures has supplied the agricultural market with excellent quality manure since the year 2000. However, in January 2009, due to the growth in demand from the domestic market, "Puckamuck" was established, and prides itself on supplying a safe and consistent manure for use on small holdings, allotments and individual gardens.

Bagged Manure

Puckamuck is a completely natural and organically sourced product without bulking ingredients such as green waste or other profit making additives found in some soil enhancing composts. We are proud of our ability to deliver a high-standard, peat-free manure that is a natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables. Our shredded stable manure is fully aged by us so you can use it straight away to mulch, to top dress, or mix into the top six inches of soil for award-winning vegetables, fruit and roses. Puckamuck encourages water retention and best results will be obtained from using it all year round.

Whilst this lovely manure will not stain your hands, we do recommend that you use rubber gloves, wash your hands after use and take care when lifting our bags.

Paddock Maintenance

Paddock Maintenance 

This machine does a job of three. It breaks up the manure with its tynes as it harrows, then a revolving brush picks up the loose droppings, throwing them into the skip section. At the rear, a roller helps push the divits back. As well as cleaning your field it takes out the old thatch in the grass. Cost £25 per acre (approx, depending on location).

Grab Loader Service

Grab Loader Service

We need to be able to pull along side the muck pile and require good access. Only during the dry season will we go into a field to load. The volume can vary depending on the age and state of the muck. Usually between 25 cyd to 40 cyd. Prices for this service are on application.

Snow Ploughing and Gritting

This season we will be on call 24/7 to offer a complete gritting operation.

We will also be equipped with Snow ploughs. If your company/private estate has the duty of care to provide a safe access and egress for the members of the public, you may wish to register with us to ensure you have your adverse weather requirements.

Services supplied

  • Gritting car parks/roads with Salt/Grit Mix
  • Tractor mounted high speed snow ploughs

Click Here for more information on Snow Ploughing and Gritting

Skip Service

Skip Service

We now are able to offer the small customer an 8cyd skip, just a bit bigger than a builders skip. This will be ideal for those yards with difficult access. The containers are for sale at £660+vat. Alternatively, for rent at £25 per month. To exchange a full container, the cost is £100+vat.


The easi-skip comes in a variety of sizes all fitted with doors or a ramp for ease of access and safe working practice.


•          Fully compliant with new legislation for “slips, trips & falls”

•          In keeping with the environmental legislations for the safe storage of manure

•          Provides the most environmentally friendly way to manage your muck heap

•          With our variety of sizes can be used for a small or a large livery yard. 8 Cubic yard (4.6 meters)/10 Cubic yard (8 meters)/16 Cubic yards(10 meters).


After conducting market research and surveying our current customer base they are all in agreement that this is definitely something they would like to trial and take on.


There is an annual rental fee for the easi-skip that is paid up front and there is also excellent discounted rates for a regular emptying/exchanges. Dependant on area there is a delivery charge applicable.


In addition to our new rental scheme these equine waste skips are available for purchase! The price varies upon the size of the skip and dependant on area there is a delivery fee. Price available on application.



Horse Waste

Horse waste is classified as agricultural and it's spread onto the land; this puts the goodness back into soil and improves crop quality and yield.

We also operate a paddock sweeping, harrowing and rolling service.


Equine Waste Service

To find out more about our equine waste services please see our website or call us on 07831 206786.

We are unable to allow members of the general public to visit our depot as its situated on a working farm and is against Health and Safety regulations.

Horse Manure

As well as our horse manure we are able to offer a grab loader service which is able to pull along side the muck pile for ease of access.

Horse Muck

By using our horse muck which is so natural, you are making the most of a sustainable and environmentally-friendly product. You can only improve the quality of your soil and crops."

We donate annually to the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre.

Horse Waste Skip

To find out more about our horse waste skips, please see our website on call us on 07831 206786.

Our skips come in a variety of sizes all fitted with doors or a ramp for ease of access and safe working practice.

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