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Here at Suurmond UK, we provide chemical dosing pumps and gear pumps to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Our chemical dosing pumps and Maag gear pumps are increasingly being used in chemical process plants for:

  • precise dosing of catalysts or additives
  • discharging liquids from reactors under high pressure at high temperature
  • feeding into distillation columns or vacuum thin-film evaporators
  • for discharging viscous liquids out of a vacuum with low intake height

Magnetically Coupled Pumps

Our magnetically coupled pumps have been designed for transport and pressure build-up. They are suitable for continuous and pulseless delivery of a wide variety fluids, even non-lubricant fluids. Our magnetically coupled pumps are fabricated with highest precision and an assortment of materials.

Applications include:

  • chemical industry
  • bio industry
  • food industry
  • process industry
Magnetically Coupled Pumps

Extrusion Pumps

Our extrusion pumps are designed to pump high viscous polymers. These have a pioneered compression zone and wide-mouth inlet design to enhance product filling for reliable operation, even under high vacuum circumstances.

Our extrusion pumps have an integral cast jacket for balanced heating and a bearing design to incorporate lube-groove technology to suit particular process requirements.

Extrusion Pumps

Pelletizing System

Our underwater pelletizing system is designed for compounding, recycling and the production of raw materials. Our pelletizing system enables you to test each individual formula in the well-equipped technical centre of Automatik in Grossostheim, Germany.

Our systems have characteristics including:

  • compact construction
  • hanging mounted
  • automatic correction wear cutting knife
  • test facilities individual formulas
  • flexibility in materials
  • flexibility as to changing product and colour
  • flexibility in pellet size by quickly changing die plates and knives and adaptation of process parameters
  • easy cleaning of all components
  • production of micro pellets
Pelletizing System

Dosing Units

We specialise in the design and assembly of custom-built dosing systems. Our dosing units consist of components including vessels, pumps, flow meters, and control systems with dedicated PLC control. Due to the increasing demand for accessibility and traceability and the rising costs for raw materials, it is necessary to be able to perform precise dosing and documented recipes.

Significant characteristics include:

  • modular
  • custom made
  • high precision
  • reproducibility
  • for chemical applications
Dosing Units

Temperature and Pressure Sensors

We supply temperature and pressure sensors suitable for applications in the extrusion industry.

Our temperature and pressure sensors can be custom built with significant characteristics including:

  • precise
  • flexible
  • corrosion and wear resistant
  • good quality
  • also custom made
  • good pricing
Temperature and Pressure Sensors

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