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Here at South West Tyre & Rubber Recyclers, we specialise in waste rubber processing to create reusable products in and around the South West. Our waste rubber processing is carried out on our Environment Agency authorised premises together with a current waste management licence.

We process car and commercial tyres that require recycling. Our process involves:

  • Shredding tyres using powerful machinery
  • Further shredding to create rubber chips
  • Passing through a series of filters and magnets to remove dust, fibre and metal.

Tyre Recycling

We specialise in tyre recycling services to meet current requirements and standards. We take used and worn out tyres and recycle them to create an assortment of rubber shred and crumb in a variety of grades.

The recycled tyres can be turned into a wide range of new products including:

  • Equestrian surfaces
  • Sports and safety surfaces
  • Carpet underlay
  • Acoustic barriers

We even offer a tyre collection service to speed up the process at competitive prices, contact us for more information.

Tyre Recycling

Rubber Filtration

We use rubber filtration to remove any unwanted particles from rubber chips. Once the tyres have been shredded the rubber is passed through a series of filters and powerful electro-magnets. These rubber filters remove dust, fibres and metals to produce:

  • Grade 1 (screened) 30mm Chip (wire/fibre free)
  • Grade 2 (unscreened) 30mm (wire/dust extracted)
  • C1 25mm (wire/dust extracted)
  • C2 20mm & 15mm down (wire free)
Rubber Filtration
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