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Swagelok Manchester was formed in 1978 to distribute Swagelok products and fluid system solutions in the UK and Greece. Our principal belief is to put the customer at the heart of everything. We are immensely proud of the high quality we aim for and are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Swagelok Manchester covers the North West, Cumbria, Northern Wales, the Midlands and many surrounding areas. We are value led and performance driven. We continue to build on our heritage of providing exceptional service.

We have a mission statement that encompasses strong values, charity and social responsibility. We also listen to our customers and offer market leading products to suit their needs and forever aim to find innovative and evolving fluid systems. 

What Services Do We Offer?

What services do we offer? The answer is a wealth of them. Our services are suited to a wide range of industry sectors. The markets we have served include orbital welding, food and beverage, alternative fuel, paper and pulp, biopharmaceutical, oil and gas, and power.

What more services do we offer? Our services and sales don't end in just valves and fittings. We have an expansive selection of services including outsourcing and equipment hire. Furthermore, we provide sub assembly and fabrication services.

Our integrated service offers assembly, equipment hire, online services, access products, and training.

Swagelok Products

You can search and find over 1,000 Swagelok products through our online product search. You can choose your product group and narrow your results and read further information on Swagelok products.

Our products range includes Swagelok hoses, flexible tubing, leak detectors, Swagelok filters, sealants, and measurement devices.

The Latest News from Swagelok Manchester

The lastest news from Swagelok Manchester includes news on our product ranges, charity updates and the latest customer feedback.

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Swagelok Manchester Training Services

Swagelok Manchester training services provide excellent courses where students can get hands-on training in installation and maintenance of Swagelok tube fittings. Students on Swagelok Manchester training course will learn to decrease the installation and maintenance costs of fluid systems.

The service covers tube bending techniques, tube fitting, installation and tips on avoiding springing. The course is also ideal for anyone who is interested in low cost system installation.

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