Swagelok Scotland


We are Scotland’s authorised Swagelok sales and service centre. Our supply of Swagelok products is vast and our service is professional, efficient and cost-effective. All Swagelok products, fittings and accessories are available.

Swagelok’s presence in Scotland exceeds 30 years. We have enjoyed being the local Swagelok sales and service centre, now approaching our fifth year.

Swagelok Filters

We are established and dedicated to the supply of Swagelok products and services. We stock and distribute thousands of Swagelok products including many options in Swagelok filters.

Swagelok filters we supply include:

  • Coalescing – particle
  • High Purity
  • Particle filters: inline and tee type
  • Spare parts and accessories for filters and strainers

Swagelok Valves

Equal to our comprehensive supply of Swagelok filters is our Swagelok valves. Options in Swagelok valves are vast and all products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible grade with functionality, performance and reliability.

Swagelok valves:

  • Swagelok ball valves
  • Bellows-sealed
  • Bleed and purge valves
  • Check valves
  • Diaphragm-sealed
  • Excess flow
  • Metering valves

Swagelok Medium Pressure Valves

As well as these examples of Swagelok valves, we also supply Swagelok medium pressure valves.

Our supply of Swagelok medium pressure valves share all of the same innovative, high-performance features as the rest of the range, with the added bonus of being designed specifically for medium pressure usage.

Swagelok Regulators

Quality and performance is assured throughout the Swagelok product range including Swagelok regulators. Many different types of Swagelok regulators are available from Swagelok Scotland.

Options include:

  • Back-pressure, dome-loaded
  • Back-pressure, spring-loaded
  • Pressure-reducing, dome-loaded
  • Specialty

Swagelok Quick Connects

Diversity and choice is also evident throughout the Swagelok range and the Swagelok quick connects product range is a perfect example of this.

Swagelok quick connects are market leading. Their immaculate design minimises spillage and air-inclusion and the ‘push-to-connect’ design enables quick, simple operation with no twisting, turning or wrenching required.

These are just a few features of the impressive Swagelok quick connects. Visit our website to find out more.

Swagelok Tubing

When you visit our website, you will also find an array of options in Swagelok tubing. We stock and supply a wide range of Swagelok tubing and related accessories, with many different designs suitable to varying application requirements available.

Swagelok Flexible Tubing

Included in the Swagelok tubing and accessories range is Swagelok flexible tubing. Our Swagelok flexible tubing is both versatile and hard wearing.

Further Swagelok tubing options include:

  • Insulated tubing
  • Jacketed tubing
  • 316L Titanium alloyed tubing

Swagelok Fittings

The variety of our Swagelok products and accessories is evident from the vast range of Swagelok fittings we stock and supply.

The Swagelok fittings available through Swagelok Scotland are immense and include: tube fittings and tube adapters, biopharm fittings, dielectric fittings and pipe fittings.

Swagelok Flow Meters

For top of the range Swagelok flow meters, we have the unbeatable solutions. If you are looking for Swagelok flow meters, look no further than the G Series and M Series.

Features include highly accurate measurement with individually calibrated scales based on flow tests. Options include glass and metal (armored) tube models, including miniature armored model and both the G Series and M Series are flexible and adaptable to specific system requirements.

Swagelok Manifolds

As established and renowned suppliers of Swagelok products, fitting and accessories, our supply also extends to various options in Swagelok manifolds.

Swagelok manifolds we offer include the V, VB and VL Series. All of these models come from 316 stainless steel construction with PTFE packing and they have working pressures of up to 6000 psig (413 bar).

For more information on our Swagelok manifolds, or any other product or accessory in the Swagelok range, visit our website.

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