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We supply the battery packs you need to replace the manufacturer-installed packs found in your underwater instrumentation and other applications. These packs can be alkaline, lithium, ni-cad, nickel metal hydride, and sealed lead acid.

Monitoring devices we supply battery packs for include:

  • Instrumentation
  • Ocean Data Buoys
  • Data Loggers
  • CTDs
  • Current Meters
  • Optical
  • AUV

Oceanographic Monitoring

In addition to our battery support services, we also provide a range of high-quality oceanographic monitoring, instrumentation and water sampling products. Our oceanographic monitoring product range, designed to help protect the environment, is manufactured by General Oceanographics. It has an outstanding reputation throughout the world for functionality, engineering and reliability.

Oceanographic Monitoring

Commericial Fishing Support

We have a number of products to aid commerical fishing operations -- for both viability and sustainability.

Our Concentrator fishing sensor can be installed on boats, and integrates the following components:

  • An electronic board: microprocessor, storage memory, onboard software and an 868MHz radio transmitter/receiver circuit
  • A GSM/GPRS radio modem
  • A GPS [Automatic time setting of the concentrator at each valid position (UT time)].
  • Two Socapex connectors: 4 pin for power supply and 6 pin for the log.

Within our fishing range of products, we also provide hook timers and plankton nets.

Commericial Fishing Support

Swale Technologies

For over 20 years, Swale Techologies has been supplying oceanographic instrumentation throughout the UK. We cater for environmental agencies, research and data acquisition establishments with a requirement for monitoring and research equipment.

At Swale, we also serve universities, government bodies, commercial Industry including civil engineering, dredging, construction, renewable energy, oil and gas, defence and environmental sectors.

Swale Technologies

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