Swan Seals (Aberdeen Ltd)


Established in 1980 Swan Industrial Group have been manufacturing and supplying seals and seal products to a wide range of industries on a global scale. We can supply seal products made from traditional elastomeric materials such as PU, NBR, FPM, and many more. Swan seals also supply and manufacture a wide range of engineered plastic parts, CNC metal components and the full range of bearings and mechanical power transmission equipment. Off the shelf O-Rings and water cut gaskets are the final piece in the comprehensive supply capability of the Swan Industrial group.

All manufacturing is carried out in a "just in time" process, typical delivery is 1 - 2 days. We have over 150 seal designs available, with special profiles manufactured at short notice. If the seal you require is not in our standard range we can meet your needs by manufacturing the part within the same delivery timeline.

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