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Swanstone Ltd has been supplying equipment, services and ancillary products to the Plastics Industry since the early 1990’s and has built up an excellent reputation for high quality products backed by an outstanding after sales service.

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We provide a full turnkey service to our customers covering machinery, materials, comprehensive technical services, spare parts, on-site training courses and even ancillary products such as heater elements, solid carbide cutters etc. Our experienced team of engineers is available to deal with any eventuality of technical problems and can also offer assistance with moulding problems, complete machine refurbishing and machine safety evaluation.

Vacuum forming machines

Heavy duty compact systems manufactured to highest quality standards using latest technology by GEISS in Germany. These vacuum forming machines are capable of forming any material in any thickness. Machines are manufactured to customer needs and to any size required with a comprehensive choice of optional equipment to enhance performance and to provide a higher level of automation. GEISS have developed many patented technological features, some of which include the adjustable window plate system in two axis which is now one of the most specified optional addition to their machines.

In addition to a wide range of standard machine sizes and draw depths, any size of machine can be made to customer order. This enables the customer to specify the exact size he requires instead of having to conform to other manufacturer's standard machine size limitations.

Geiss have a proven track record of successful twinsheet and pressure form applications as well as extensive experience in providing machinery for standard sheet and reel fed vacuum forming. Customer specific production solutions are offered using the extensive experience and technical know-how of this innovative company.

As standard, all machines are fitted with the latest Siemens control system allowing full individual heater element control and storing settings for program repeatability, plus:

  • top and bottom quartz heater elements
  • sheet sag control
  • cooling system
  • plug assist
  • adjustable clamp frame and latest specified equipment for operator safety, etc.
Vacuum forming machines

CNC trimming machines

We offer a comprehensive range of standard GEISS CNC trimming machines for trimming, routing and finishing of plastic parts, wood, composite materials and light aluminium for all industry sectors with open table to allow swarf to fall into collection tray to easy cleaning operations and to maximise production time.

In addition, the machines can be specified for high performance CNC trimming to provide solutions to a wide range of application needs. These machines can be equipped during construction with a variety of different table configurations to suit customer applications as well as being able to operate with 2 Z-axes for simultaneous trimming of two components or being equipped for producing and finishing aluminium tool and moulds.

Linear drives for higher speeds and a comprehensive list of optional equipment such as a tool changer, tool making equipment etc. are also available. CNC equipment can also be ordered with Ultrasound cutting units for finishing of specialist applications such as cutting break lines into airbags etc.

GEISS only use reputable component suppliers such as Siemens, who are able to support customers worldwide, in addition to the comprehensive technical services available from Swanstone Limited.

For trimming edges and separating of components, GEISS also manufacture reliable horizontal band saws.

CNC trimming machines

Packaging machines

Our extensive range of blister forming and sealing equipment provides solutions for all requirements. We can offer small compact machines for low volume requirements (clinical trials, sample runs etc) as well as larger automated inline systems for high volume production. Tommy Nielsen packaging machines already supplied worldwide produce: medical blisters, tablet and pharmaceutical product blisters, trays and blisters for clinical equipment, veterinary products, display blisters for general products, etc.

In addition, we also offer options for the machines to be suitable for packaging of some food products.

Our range covers
·Household Goods
·Stationery etc.

The machines are manufactured in Europe to highest quality standards, carrying the CE mark.

We can also offer custom made machines to provide full turnkey solutions, including packaging design, tool manufacture, engineering back up and supply of consumables (spare parts, materials etc).

Packaging machines

Plastic thermoforming materials

We are suppliers of high quality plastic thermoforming materials which are manufactured in Italy by ILPA-MP3. Their modern production plant offers the latest computerised systems for production management and quality control. The success of MP3 products is based on technical experience and versatility, combined with undisputed quality.

Our portfolio includes

  • HIPS (sheets and reels) 
  • ABS/PMMA (sheets)
  • ABS (sheets) 
  • PET/RPET (reels)
  • Metallised PET (reels)

In addition, ILPA-MP3 has developed special grades aimed at the caravan and sanitary market. Full details available from our Material Sales Team. Now also available - heat resistant ABS.

Application possibilities with our material are vast and we are always pleased to receive enquiries for innovative products.



Colin Pitchford or Victoria Grant

Material Sales Department     01952 400050

Plastic thermoforming materials

Service and Technical Support

Swanstone has developed a full preventative maintenance program to ensure the equipment continues to run effectively throughout its design life and to limit down time. We are proud to have a longstanding team of experienced engineers and service support personnel at the disposal of our customers anywhere in Europe, UK and Ireland.

We offer a wide range of services to our customers:
· Scheduled servicing and machine maintenance*
· Breakdown assistance and fault finding
· Supply of spare parts (self-fit or fitted by our qualified engineers)
· On-site training courses (tailored to customer needs)
· On-site CNC programming and program optimisation
· Machine Safety Inspections
· Machine valuations and refurbishments

*Discounted rates apply for Pre-booked servicing and maintenance visits


Ian Roberts      07809 395372

Tony Wright     07809 395373

Service and Technical Support
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