Swindon Silicon Systems


Swindon Silicon Systems specialising in ASIC Design and Supply,  provide a complete integrated service from design concept through to production supply for analogue and mixed signal ASICs. Major markets include automotive, industrial, consumer, military and communications.


The design team's expertise is broad-based and has established an international reputation as specialist within the RF and high-speed analogue design areas. Typical circuit functions include Synthesisers, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers, ADC/DAC, Charge Pumps, Band Gap References, Filters, Voltage Regulators and Transceivers.


Teamwork and Partnership in Design

Our design team works in partnership with customers to gain a complete understanding of the system requirement. This is then translated into highly efficient designs making informed tradeoffs between chip size, circuit partioning and performance. Cost and time efficient solutions allow our customers to succeed in their market place.


Production Supply

Design is only the first phase of the support we give to our customers. Swindon Silicon Systems takes on the complete responsibility of supplying fully proven and qualified production parts on time and of the highest quality. Continuous quality improvement and cost reduction programmes are in place to ensure that our customers ASICs remain competitive in the market. ISO/TS16949, QS9000 and ISO 9001 accreditations are held.


Swindon Silicon Systems has a policy of not making devices obsolete. Product lifetime is an important consideration at the outset of any design and can impact on foundry and process selection. We have designs that we have supplied for over 15 years which demonstrates our commitment to supporting our customers product lifetime requirements.

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