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Switchgear Maintenance is a cost-efficient and practical option for when obsolete equipment needs to be modified. Our switchgear maintenance service includes having the latest modern CBs/vacuum contacts installed on your plant.

Further options include:

  • Latest modern CBs/vacuum contacts installed on your plant
  • Optional high-tech electro protection devices
  • Maintenance of your existing switchboard and associated main and pilot cabling

HV Switchgear Maintenance

SES have a wide range of experience to carry out full service, maintenance and repair of all types of power and distribution equipment. Including all types of circuit breakers, both obsolete and new.

We can provide you with:

  • Post fault inspection and maintenance
  • Routine inspection and maintenance
  • Planned shutdown full maintenance service
  • Total maintenance Service Level Agreement, including transformers and capacitors
  • DC operating batteries
  • Thermal image (preventative maintenance)
  • Standby / call out service cover
  • Total package including 24/7

A key area of SES activity is on site or workshop refurbishment, maintenance, servicing, testing and repairs of switchgear of any description.

SES provides maintenance through a comprehensive electrical contracting service. Our Project Services Team will work with you to develop a maintenance programme to meet your specific requirements

The benefits of this approach are:
Regular servicing increases reliability and efficiency
Fewer breakdowns and loss of production
Conforms to legislation and manufacturers’ recommendations on servicing

SES - helping your business maintain safety, productivity and quality

HV Switchgear Maintenance

Switchgear Solutions

We are suppliers of professional, comprehensive solutions for the switchgear industry. As a market leader in the switchgear and transformer industry, our switchgear solutions are complete and unrivaled. As well as switchgear solutions, we offer a wide range of services and we have substantial experience of both new and obsolete switchgear and transformers ranging from 415V to 33kV. 

We specialise in the design, test, build, deployment and management of power systems from distribution transformers and switchgear for offices and factories to large scale transformer installations for blue chip companies.

Switchgear Solutions

High and Low Voltage Switchgear

We have market leading expertise with high and low voltage switchgear.

High and low voltage switchgear is an integral yet potentially hazardous element in the supply of power to your business and requires extensive levels of knowledge and expertise. We ensure you comply fully with the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations.

High and Low Voltage Switchgear

Switchgear Spare Parts

We are experienced suppliers of switchgear spare parts as well as modifying components for almost all makes of switchgear. To complement our switchgear spare parts service, we are sourcing experts and will find the solution for any of your failed or obsolete components.

Services include:

Switchgear Spare Parts

Switchgear Engineering

For switchgear engineering, you will not find a more dedicated and professional service elsewhere.

We provide total commitment with switchgear engineering, as well as unbeatable standards in design, manufacturing and total product quality. A dedicated and personal service is delivered by our technical engineer who has over 20 years of design and project management experience at senior level in the switchgear, distribution equipment, fuse gear and control gear industry.

Switchgear Engineering

Calibrated Switchgear Testing

We provide calibrated switchgear testing including an on-site testing and commissioning service. This calibrated switchgear testing and related services cover all types of electrical equipment right through to complete switchboards. We only ever use state-of-the-art, fully calibrated test equipment.

The tests our expert engineers can carry out for you include:

  • Megger, insulation resistance testing at 500V to 10kV
  • Ducter, contact resistance testing at 10 amps to 200 amps
  • Secondary current injection up to 100 amps
  • Primary current injection up to 3,000 amps
  • AC low voltage withstand tests up to 4kV
Calibrated Switchgear Testing

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