SY Machinery Trading Co Ltd


SY Machinery Trading Co., LTD. has been founded for over 35 years. We are the leading global suppliers with import/export specialists in Taiwan.

In the beginning, we dealt with varies of Japanese machinery companies such as: Toshiba, Kondo and Yasunaga etc. Over that period we created excellent sales and earned a reputation for quality, reliability from manufacturers and customers.

In order to expand the market in 2000, we established the Jiangsu office in China. Through this branch we can offer the Chinese customers best service.

Nowadays, information and trading is without boundaries. We can ship anywhere in the world. We will aim to operate on a global scale in the future. We introduce not only world-class products to our country but also excellent Taiwan-made products to worldwide.

We believe our professions will provide everything necessary from production to after-sale service. We are absolutely your best partner. Let our experience save you time and money. You can rely on us!!

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