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Synectic Load cell amplifiers are compact versatile in-line bridge amplifiers capable of driving upto 4 x 350R load cells

Compact Measurement & Control Instrumentation

High quality cost effective load cells and load cell instrumentation products also process control, weight – flow systems  as well as test and measurement solutions.
The process control division produces batch weight controllers and indicators also flow measurement instruments.
The test and measurement section produces a variety of products that can be used in both industry and research environments, these include:

Load cell amplifiers - analogue and digital 

Signal converters

Portable Load Instruments

I/O modules

Industrial displays

A bespoke design service in the form of Synectic Design Solutions is capable of customising current products or producing a design specific to your requirements.

Projects include Aerospace stress measurement, University research and development, Waste management systems, Renewable energy and pollution reduction ventures to name but a few.

Synectic Design are designing and manufacturing industrial process control and measurement instrumentation  systems since 1993 and are considered as leaders in the process electronics industry.

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Flow computers
Pulse Splitters
Signal Converters
Data Acquisition

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Load Cell Amplifiers
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Data acquisition
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Our Product range is versatile but most of all can be tailored to suit your requirements.

We can offer advice and support and get involved in your project at whatever level. We’re proud to have been awarded the quality management standard, UKAS accredited ISO 9001 and to be recognised by the Carbon Smart initiative for sustainable practices.

Strain Gauge and force measurement (instruments)

Aerospace   Strain Gauge and force measurement (instruments) from stress test jigs to the ground maintenance instruments used on the RAF Eurofighter.

Data Acquisition and Load Cell Amplifiers

Automotive  Data Acquisition and Load Cell Amplifiers the requirements have pre requisites such as size temperature and vibration resistant our products are found in the manufacturing process and development programes also widly used in motor sport.


Load cells and Batch controllers

Construction Load cells and Batch controllers, batch control for concrete mixing is critical our instruments are used in many projects across the globe.

Digital amplifiers and hand held meters

Education Digital amplifiers and hand held meters, test equipment and instruments are used in many universities and research and development institutions throughout the world.

Energy and Water Meter Signal Converters

Energy and Water Meter Signal Converters, are a part of the investment in the World's future, emissions monitoring and control stress strain detection in alternative energy sources, our instruments continue to be incorporated in the latest systems and projects.

Flow meters and signal conditioners

Manufacturing Flow meters and signal conditioners, production control is the base of industry from Metering, Weighing/Force/Pressure instrumentation and Data Acquisition/Signal Converters all playing a part in the technical solutions to industries requirements.

SY-FM1 - Flow Meter

SY-FM1 - Flow Meter

These flow transducers have been designed for use with mains and heating system water. There are two types available, one can operate with flow ranges between 0.25-6.5 L/min and the other can operate between 1.5-30 L/min. The 0.25-6.5 L/min version gives approximately 4600 pulses/litre and the 1.5-30 L/min gives approximately 1200 pulses/litre. The output from the flow meter is a pulsed signal proportional to the flow rate. The output voltage ranges from 200mV (low) and VE+ (high: 5-30Vdc). The SYFM1 flow meter is manufactured in acetyl copolymer with brass compression fittings at both ends to fit 15mm diameter pipe connections. 

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Digital Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier

The SY016 is a self contained 20 bit digital amplifier which provides excitation for up to four 350Ω bridges and takes 470 measurements per second. Also available as a SY036 Digital Strain Gauge Amplifier and Logger Data logging is available with 2 options 32K memory storage or 128K  for storing readings and transmitting later.  A special version allows multiple units to be addressed on a PCs serial ports without the need for network adapters or comms.Readings can be taken when triggered by a contact closure or a logic low input. A continuously streamed data output  command can also be set. 

In Cell Bridge Amplifier

The SY014 in-cell amplifier strain gauge bridge is specifically designed to fit inside transducers or strain gauged components

Versatile In line Bridge Amplifier

Synectic Load cell amplifiers are compact versatile in-line bridge amplifiers capable of driving upto 4 x 350R load cells

DIN Rail Instrumentation Amplifier

SY038 Din Rail strain gauge amplifier (user selectable gain) A Variable gain functionality using miniature dip switch enables the user to select one of 16 ranges for transducer outputs as low as 0.25mV/V  up to 4.4mV/V (higher if specified) It has the best stability in its class and high immunity to interference. It's cased in a very compact Din Rail mounting format. Non-interactive Zero and Span are screw driver adjustable giving a further +/-20% adjustment.

Portable Load Meters

Battery powered hand held instruments, The Portable Load Meters measure signals from load cells or any strain gauge bridge transducers.

There is a range of Portable Load Meters to choose from, please contact us for advice on your application.

  • Different Sensor Type Inputs simultaneously
  • Programmable event capture every 2m/sec
  • Interactive Data Capture and Logging 16000 events
  • Longlife from Alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Data to PC via USB
  • Free PC software

Pulse Rate to 4-20mA or Voltage Converter

The SY020 can be linked to any frequency generating device, converting the frequency to an analogue signal.  The 4-20mA version unit is loop powered . The voltage output version requires 6V DC.

View our comprehensive range of signal converters.

Rotary Angle To Analogue Signal Converter

Linking to rotary encoders, each pulse increments towards 10V or 20mA in 360 steps then reverts to zero and starts more

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