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Our Professions are :

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Conception and drawing printed circuit
  • Manufacture of Printed circuit
  • Assembly and test of electronic card
  • Custom Socket Solutions
  • Probing Solutions
  • Wafer Test

The meeting of our competence within the same company facilitates the reduction of the cycles of production.

Electronic Engineering & Burn-In Applications

Since its inception SYNERGIE CAD has worked to advance the development of custom test interface solutions for semiconductor clients across the world. With its depth of experience in electronic engineering, SYNERGIE CAD aims to assist their customers to increase productivity and reach their full potential.

As an example, SYNERGIE CAD achieved a significant milestone when, a few years ago, it developed and completed a full line of Burn-In systems. Combined with userfriendly and highly programmable burn-in drivers, our Burn-In systems integrate most functions traditionally found in expensive ATE equipment at a fraction of the cost.

We currently provide systems to validate virtually every product range from miniature camera modules to highly complex and fine pitch integrated BGA packages. With the recent addition of RF (radio frequency) skill sets to further our product range, we can guarantee our expertise will continue to meet the rigorous demands of our industry.

Electronic Engineering & Burn-In Applications

Conception and Design of High-End Printed Circuit Boards

SYNERGIE CAD offers experience that is tailored, but not just limited, to semiconductor interfaces where many designs are made for original OEM's. From schematic capture to final layout, our design engineers will work closely with the customers to ensure that the objectives of each project are met. With more than 70 design stations using CADSTAR, MENTOR, CADENCE,and PADS utilised by Synergie Cad and with our project/design engineers located in France, Germany, Morocco, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, UK, and USA we have the possibility to offer on site design services and continual work on time critical projects.

As technology advances continue in the electronics industry, the need for a change in the architecture of PCB’s is always on the horizon. The PCB has to adjust and take into account the continually changing functionality of integrated devices as well as recent packaging trends. With this in mind SYNERGIE CAD is constantly investing in our teams training, PCB manufacturing and test equipment as well as improving our expertise to offer the most up to date solutions. You can be certain if there is a future constraint for PCB manufacture SYNERGIE CAD is investigating now to find a solution.

Conception and Design of High-End Printed Circuit Boards

Complete Turn-Key Solutions

In every aspect of our business, our focus is to become a total solutions provider for semiconductor test interface developments. Today, SYNERGIE CAD provides ATE board design, PCB fabrication, component assembly and probe assembly. In addition, we provide complete Burn-In applications including oven systems, burn-in-boards and drivers.

As Such, SYNERGIE CAD is uniquely positioned to provide today’s most complicated loadboard, probe card and Burn-in-Board designs and to realise them as quality hardware products as all the processes are managed internally. We consider it a Achallenge and an obligation to continue our efforts to develop new product lines that complete SYNERGIE CAD as a true turn-key supplier.

Complete Turn-Key Solutions

Custom Socket Solutions

SYNERGIE CAD Test Sockets are designed for all your testing needs, providing sophisticated electrical and superior mechanical performance. These sockets are designed and built with high quality ESD materials. Using reliable test probes for long life and for cost effective operations any worn out parts can be easily replaced on site ensuring the customer can keep them performing like new. Synergie Cad will custom design socket contactors with your load board design allowing custom features to be incorporated for your component decoupling clearance needs and other requirements. Packages include BGA, QFN, QFP, LGA and MLF designs, on pitches from 0.4mm to 1.27mm.

Custom Socket Solutions

Probing Solutions

With a team of industry veterans from Europe, Asia and the US, SYNERGIE CAD expanded the product line to include the probe assembly in 2004. As a strategic decision to assist customers’ requirement to shorten the time-to-market, SYNERGIE CAD quickly became a key partner to many of the known semiconductor manufacturers throughout the world.

From cantilever to vertical technologies, our highly skilled and dedicated staff is ready to assist you to provide the best possible test solutions for your applications. It is our commitment to be aligned with the emerging technologies of the industry through R&D and continuous improvement of our quality.

Probing Solutions

Engineering and Test Solutions

SYNERGIE CAD Test combines :

  • Test program development / Characterization / Design Validation
  • Tester Platform conversion
  • Patterns conversion
  • Custom Patterns generator
  • On-Site Customer support
  • Test production improvement
  • Production: Wafer Test

Synergie CAD Test

Engineering and Test Solutions

PCB Fabrication

Core Business

  • Multi layer controlled impedance boards
  • Complete component assembly and test
  • Quantities 1 to 1.000 boards
  • Total solution provider 


  • Micro BGA boards down to 0.3mm pitch
  • Frequency: 10 GHz RF
  • Temperature: -50C up to 250C
  • Extensive Mixed Signal/RF Experience
  • Wafer Probe, Package Test and Burn-in 


  • Seven Engineering and Design Centers
  • Continuous 24-hour Design capability through USA, Europe and Asia
  • All Designs thoroughly checked with CAM tools before committing to fabrication 

Board Fabrication

  • All boards fabricated by specialized in-house PCB facility
  • Processes tailored for test board needs
  • CIC technology used for improved flatness, strength and temperature performance
  • Up to 40 multi-layers
  • Thickness : Up to 6.5mm
  • Maximum Board Size : 750mm x 580mm
  • Improved Planarity through CIC Technology
  • Dry Film Exposure - Clean Room rated 1.000
  • Laser Direct Imaging
  • Blind and buried via
  • Laser Drilling
  • Minimum hole diameter 0.075mm
  • Impedance Control 


  • Boards assembled in Synergie-Cad custom shop located inside PCB facility
  • Loaded boards tested for functionality as defined in schematic/CAD
  • Automated assembly for high component count and volume production requirements
  • Assembly Department more than 60 employees
  • Component sourcing
  • 18.000+ components per board with complete testing
  • Dedicated CAM department for assembly data preparation
  • Complete Loaded and Tested Board Solution
PCB Fabrication

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