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Whether you need a protective packaging solution designed to meet your current requirements or a re-design of an existing foam packaging application, Synergy Packaging Solutions offers the complete service from packaging consultancy to packaging design to foam conversion and packaging manufacture. We are able to assess your needs and as we are a material converter and not a manufacturer of raw materials we are able to combine a wide variety of products and materials to offer you the best packaging solution to meet your criteria. We offer a high quality service with customer satisfaction being one of our key goals.


At Synergy Packaging Solutions, we pride ourselves on our conscious efforts to be environmentally aware, so that future generations can enjoy what we already have.

During the design process we look at achieving the maximum performance whilst using the minimum amount of material required to provide the ultimate solution.

Because our conversion processes use the minimum amount of energy and do not produce any off gassing, we can be happy that we are not causing any unnecessary harm to our environment.

We then look at any material waste produced during our conversion processes. At present we are recycling in excess of 90% and are constantly striving to increase this percentage.Polyethylene foam also known as Stratocell, Jiffy foam , Nopaplanc, Jiffycell etc, any waste or discarded material gets shredded, reverse extruded and returned back into an LDPE pellet from which it started its journey. This reground polyethylene foam is then used in the manufacture of more Polyethylene foam, bubble wrap and LDPE bags.

**Please see bottom of this page for further options on this material.

Polyurethane foam, this can be found in seats, mattresses, and packaging applications, any waste or discarded material gets sent back to the manufacturer where it is bonded and compressed to form chip foam blocks or high performance carpet underlay.

Corrugated board, Any waste or discarded material is separated from any other waste and collected for recycling.

** Although Synergy Packaging Solutions recycle all of the Polyethylene foam waste that is produced during the conversion processes, we have had requests for end users to be able to return unwanted or discarded Polyethylene foam such as PE foam end caps and general PE foam packaging to be recycled.

Due to these requests we have put together a recycle PE foam program, to find out more information on how this scheme works, where the return locations are and how you can make use of it, please follow the link below.

Polyethylene Foam Packaging Solutions

Polyethylene Foam such as Stratocell/Polylam/Novastrat/Nopaplank is a non crosslink PE foam, commonly known as Jiffy foam. This type of PE foam is an excellent material for performance packaging and protective packaging due to the foams cushioning performance.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is commonly known as sponge material, it can be used as profiled foam (egg box foam) which can be found in slide and sleeve packaging including oyster packs, display packaging and internal protective cushioning. It is also commonly used as cushions in furniture production and mattresses including memory foam toppers.

Cardboard Boxes

Synergy Packaging Solutions offers a variety of corrugated box solutions any of which can be found in the fefco guide (as per link at the base of our corrugated boxes page) as well as standard boxes we also offer bespoke box solutions and a complete box packaging design service tailored to your specific needs.

Timber Crates

Synergy Packaging Solutions has teamed up with Foldy Pac Europe to secure the rights for the UK and Ireland for the supply and distribution of the Foldy Pac nail less crate systems, which enables a collapsable timber crate solution with a nail less fixing system, Synergy Packaging Solutions also offers conventional timber crates and plywood crates.

Instapak Foam Packaging

Instapak foam is an expanding polyurethane foam that will mould around any product that is offered to it, At Synergy Packaging Solutions we can pre mould Instapak foam to supply a finished designed protective cushion that will protect your product, or we can supply the equipment and chemical so that it can be used on site as a just in time (JIT) packaging solution.

Turbo Tag

TurboTag is a very compact, RFID temperature monitoring system which can track the temperature of a product or an environment over a short or long period of time, giving valuable temperature data as and when required. With the use of a scanner this data can be retrieved without even opening the box!

Korrvu Suspension and Retention Packaging

Korrvu is one of the best known names in suspension packaging and retention packaging and has the ability of being able to retain multiple shaped products in its unique design that will withstand the test of our transport / courier systems and perform under extreme conditions.

Bubble Wrap and Thin PE Foams

Bubble wrap is one of the most well known products in the packaging industry, invented by Sealed Air and probably one of the easiest packaging products ever used. Thin foams such as Cellaire and Jiffycelll provide excellent scratch resistance and surface protection thin foams also offer benefits such as wood floor underlay and floor cushioning.

Flight cases and transport cases

At Synergy Packaging Solutions we are pleased to be able to offer the complete packaging solution, including the very latest technology in flight case and transport case design, incorporating internal flight case fittings and CNC routed fitments.

Protective Mailers

Protective Mailers are great for all of your postal needs, from padded envelopes so that your product gets there in one piece to security mailers and tamper evident mailers, which will give you the confidence of your mail getting to its destination without being broken or tampered with.

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