Synopsys, Inc.


Simpleware is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Exeter, UK, and is supported by a world-wide network of distributors and sales partners. Founded in 2000, Simpleware is dedicated to providing innovative software to bridge the gap between 3D imaging and CAD and simulation technologies. The company provides world-leading software solutions for the conversion of 3D images (as obtained from MRI, CT, Micro-CT for example) into high quality models for Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, CAD and 3D Printing. Simpleware software is being used by engineers in a wide range of industries and research fields, including: Medical and Dental; Oil and Gas; Automotive Research; Consumer Goods; Non Destructive Testing; Biomechanics; Materials & Geosciences; Food Sciences, and Palaeontology. Our customers range from international blue chip corporations to research institutions and universities around the world.

Simpleware software is based on proprietary and patented technology that facilitates the straightforward integration of multiple areas of image-based modelling for a range of applications. Simpleware software offers a route from 3D image data import through to image processing, analysis and meshing for direct export to CAD, commercial FEA/CFD solvers and 3D Printing services.

The software also provides a comprehensive solution for integrating CAD models into image data sets, for generating multipart volume meshes, and for exporting NURBS CAD models. This means that with Simpleware software, users have a much wider range of image processing and model generation options available to them compared to alternative software.

Simpleware’s success in terms of its innovative software development and international sales have been recognised by prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2012 and 2013. In July 2013, Simpleware also received an Institute of Physics Innovation Award for its success in generating computational models suitable for cost-effective advance engineering, medical simulation and non-destructive evaluation.

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