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System Store Solutions offers quality, durable products and expert service, covering every industry sector.Whether it's a small scale office or larger plant or warehouse environments we have  a complete understanding of the needs of our customers and offer  full project management with a free no obligation site survey.

Pallet Racking

A well-designed and engineered pallet racking system will keep palletised items stored tidily, safely and efficiently. And it will ensure that all stored items are easily found when required and prevent any damage being incurred by the palletised goods.

The APR12 system has a series of features that make it possible to solve any industrial storage problem. The joints between side panels and runners are “wrap-around” and convey extra strength to the entire assembly.APR12 is a highly versatile and complete system. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses, and is perfect for both large and medium-small structures.


Adjustable Shelving

The DIMAX system consists of the D10, D20, D30 and D40 models which differ in terms of the particular uprights, the configuration of the side panels and the resulting storage capacity. The DIMAX patented surfaces feature a longitudinal Z-shaped section and are available in ZM and ZD versions according to carrying capacity. A broad range of accessories, such as storage units, drawer units, partitions, coat-hanger bars, side panels, rear panels and doors enhance theDIMAX system giving it ample adaptability for different uses. Quick assembly, sturdiness and modularity make the DIMAX multiuse shelves the perfect solution for all storage requirements

Mobile Shelving

APR12 Mobile Racking integrates the racks with sophisticated movement systems and creates a very high storage density, as it almost completely eliminates the loss in surface area and volume due to the aisles.

The sliding of the mobile bases on which the racking rests allows space to be created for accessing the aisle where the required load unit or product is located.
This type of storage system is also suitable for developing very large structures.
Sophisticated remote controlled and safety mechanisms that allow a complete computerised management of all operations are available.


Drive In Pallet Racking

APR12 Drive-In Pallet Racking is the ideal solution for making high density storage racking.
Typically configured as "an island", it can be made with various depths according to needs and allows the storage of homogeneous material for each aisle.
The pallet is normally lifted according to LIFO logic (last in first out), by which the first to enter is the first one out.
In some cases, the aisle may not contain homogeneous material per type, but per shipment.
The intrinsic technical features of the drive-in storage require considerable traversal stability.

Push Back Racking

APR12 Push-Back Racking is a "simplified" solution of “pass-through” Gravity-Fed Racking and is used in all those cases where FIFO logic is not essential, and therefore the last pallet in can be the first pallet out.
With respect to Drive-In Pallet Racking, it presents the advantage of not having the fork lift insert itself into the aisles.
The whole complex is characterised by its structural stability.
It offers maximum space advantage, with only one front for both loading and unloading


Mezzanine Floors

The GL8 system created by Ferretto is designed and made according to stringent applicable standards. This makes it possible to create mezzanines with large spaces free of columns, inasmuch as the beams can be considerably distanced. The beams are made with 8-fold Sigma profile, in different thicknesses according to the required carrying capacity, and are suitable for installing pipes, wires and other technical elements.

Single Upright Shelving

Single-upright system

Ferretto's M90 is a single-upright system with projecting shelves, ideal when front uprights are not required.
Besides the system’s intrinsic features, the M90 stands out for its huge variety of shelves and accessories, which make it suitable for storing many different types of goods.
Featuring fasteners with great structural strength, the M90 system has been conceived to allow building multi-storey storage, including of considerable height, and features a series of component parts specifically dedicated to the mezzanine.

Cantilever Racking

The CANTIFER racking  by Ferretto represents the ideal solution for the storage of rods, section bars, pipes, sheet metal, and bulky and voluminous loads such as timber, panels and boards. The system is highly versatile, offering the possibility to place the loads on either one or both sides. A wide range of columns and arms means customers can and the best response to their special requirements in terms of capacity and size.

It is produced in two models: 
CANTIFER P for loads up to 3,800 kg 
CANTIFER L for loads up to 400 kg

Gravity Fed Racking

Industrial racks Gravity-Fed Racking

 APR12 Gravity-Fed Racking from Ferretto which  is characterized by the presence of aisles with rolls.
It represents an ideal solution to the high density storage racking, if the Drive-In Pallet Racking is inadequate.
Such a solution limits the products to a single aisle, creating a more ordered storage system; the pallet is always aligned to the loading side, with a significant increase in productivity.
Gravity-Fed Racking uses FIFO logic (first in first out), by which the first to enter is the first one out, an essential factor when storing material of a perishable nature.

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