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If you would like your electronic assembly production to be supported by on site programming for either a short project or on a longer term basis, Systemation Euro have a number of options available that will require little or no capital investment by yourselves.

State of the art automated machinery for Programming, SMD taping, Axial & Radial, Laser Marking, cropping and forming can easily and quickly be transported your premises to provide the necessary support to meet your requirements.

Systemation Euro Ltd already has a number of customers, across the OEM, CEM and distribution sectors, successfully utilising this type of support

Programming Services

Out investment in state of the art programming systems includes the installation of the world’s latest & fastest fine pitch automated programming centres, giving us a capacity to programme over 60 Million devices a year.

Our programming department offers;

Facilities to handle all package technologies

All manufacturers programmable products supported: Memory, Logic, Micros

Master Data can be transferred via email, disc or master device

All labeling types supported including Kapton & Polyester

Laser marking

Tube, tray or reeled format acceptable

Serialising, Erasing, Verifying, and Auto-Dereeling.

Secure stock holding service

Programming Services

SMD Taping & Reeling

Systemation Euro Ltd now stocks over 500 varients of carrier tape making us one of the leading Tape and Reeling providers in Europe.

Our 13 taping centres gives us an unrivalled ability to help our customers with a fast and efficient service.Our ability to supply 3D coplinarity inspection on the position and pitch of leads, help our customers keep their error levels low and production levels high

SMD Taping & Reeling

Laser Marking

Systemation Euro Ltd have multiple laser marking centres to ensure that we can always meet our customers delivery schedules.

We have the ability to laser mark most IC Devices including SO, PLCC, QFP and BGA packages and offer the marking of sample parts at no extra cost to our customers

Laser Marking

Axial & Radial Taping & Reeling

Systemation has the experience, flexibility and handling expertise to satisfy virtually any taping requirement.

We tape and reel a wide range of axial and radial components including capacitors, resistors, diodes and springs.

  • Radial or axial component supplied in reels or ammo packs (bandolier)
  • Capabilities include lead straightening, cropping, polarity testing & orientation
  • All our packaging meets with all the international standards to assure compatibility with compliant automated insertion machines
  • Wide range of machines providing fully automatic to manual processing
  • High speed machine for TO-92 processing
  • Third party shipping and JIT delivery programme options
Axial & Radial Taping & Reeling

Lead Pre-forming Services

Systemation Euro provide a comprehensive pre-forming service for most active or passive discrete components.

The pre-forming service can be performed on components supplied either in loose form or on tape.

  • Range of capabilities provided from fully automatic to manual processing
  • Extensive cropping & forming capabilities
  • Active and passive component processing
  • Axial to radial lead forming service
  • Snap in and stand off forms
  • Manufacture of pressed parts to custom drawings
Lead Pre-forming Services

Dry Packing

For components that are moisture sensitive Systemation Euro offer a full dry packing service.

Humidity Indicator Cards and desiccant bags are sealed inside the MBB with the parts to show the condition of the parts when you come to use them.

Components that have been exposed to air beyond the JEDEC guidelines can be make fit for use by using the Systemation Euro ‘Rebake and Vacuum seal’ service.

Dry Packing
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