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At Systems Power, we specialise in the supply, delivery and installation of both new and refurbished switchgears. We will maintain and test switchgear, catering for numerous customer requirements. Our experienced team comprise of highly skilled switchgear engineers, designers and fitters, providing our customers with a unique and unrivalled product.

We also supply spare parts and modified equipment that are compatible with most 33kV, 11kV and 415 volt switchgears, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive range of services. In addition to offering all these services, we now have expanded into the manufacture of our own range of switchgear related products.

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Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Since 1983, we have been providing our customers with a huge range of cost effective services and products such as our vacuum circuit breakers. After being a successful service supplier for many years, we have now expanded into manufacturing our own range of mounted retrofit vacuum circuit breakers.

Our ASTA certified vacuum circuit breakers directly replace any existing truck mounted oil circuit breakers such as:

  • South wales switchgear – C4X, C8X, D4X, DXD, HG12  etc
  • Brush – R4/1, R4/2
  • GEC – BVRP17, J18, J22
  • AEI – BVRP4
  • English Electric – OLX, OLX 3
  • Statter – AC01
  • Email Oil Circuit Breaker

Combined with our skilled team of experienced engineers, designers and fitters, we are in a unique position in the market to provide our customers with an exceptional product and unrivalled service.

12 KV Retrofit Vacuum Circuit Breakers

We manufacture a huge range of products, such as our 12 KV retrofit vacuum circuit breakers that provide a reliable and cost effective solution for replacing switchgears. Our 12 KV retrofit vacuum circuit breakers can be fitted seamlessly into existing fixed housings or use previous main power cabling, thanks to each vacuum circuit breaker being supplied with identical fixtures.

Each of our retrofit vacuum circuit breakers are designed to provide low maintenance costs due to few consumable spare parts required, making them suitable for frequent switching duty, providing consistent and reliable operations. Other additional benefits include the option of a motor wound spring mechanism that makes our 12 KV retrofit vacuum circuit breakers, ideal for remote operations via modern technology, such as Telecontrol.


Systems Power Engineering (SPE) have been providing exceptional products and services at competitive prices since 1983. After many years of providing our customers with effective services within the high voltage distribution systems sector, we have expanded into manufacturing our own range of reliable, bespoke switchgear products such as retrofit vacuum circuit breakers and busbar adaptor chambers.

Our team of highly skilled switchgear engineers, designers and fitters at SPE allow us to provide our customers with excellent services combined with an unrivalled product range, putting us within a unique position within the market.

For more information on any of our services or products please contact us.

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