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Our steel rolling shutters come in a range to suit many different applications from manual to electrical operations. We supply self-coiling shutters that are operated manually and equipped with standard locking and have a galvanised finish. They can be produced in a wide range of colours.

Our steel rolling shutters also include hand chain operated applications and electric operated shutters.   

Timber Rolling Shutters & Grilles

Our timber rolling shutters and grilles give a room the wonderful aesthetic appeal of wood. They are designed for use in reception counters, display areas, bars, homes and cupboards.

On our manually operated shutters and grilles, we include flush lifts in brass and other ironmongery options. Our timber rolling shutters and grilles are all cutomised to suit your design needs. They can be operated with self coiling and are left unfinished unless a polished or stained finish is requested.

Fire Shutters

Fire shutters are fire resistant rolling shutters that work in a similar way to steel rolling shutters. The fire shutters are heavier and must be capable of supporting the roller shutter for the stated fire resistance period without compromising the performance of the shutters.

 Our fire shutters can be fitted to steel openings and timber partitions and require regular maintenance. We also offer tubular motor operated fire shutters, electrically operated fire shutters and self-coiling fire shutters.

High Speed Doors

Our high speed doors are a flexible design made to withstand intensive use. Its high speed reduces air drafts, temperature losses and optimises traffic flow.

Our high speed doors are supplied in two categories: fold up models and roll up models.

Our fold up doors include the PIC 50/75 model for large doors in windy conditions. Our PAL 150/200 roll up doors are suitable for large transit areas in industrial or commercial sectors.  

Our other high speed doors include the pneumatic motor system for use in explosive environments.

Garage Rolling Shutters

Our range of garage rolling shutters include insulated doors, lateral running doors and slideover shutter doors. Our garage roller shutters can save you space in your garage, make your car more secure, and can conveniently open around corners.

Our other steel garage and storeroom doorsets can be used to increase security at home or at commercial property. Our range of designs come in a choice of colours and has a powder coated finish that minimises maintenance.  

Folding Shutter Doors

Our folding shutter doors are designed especially for the commercial and industrial sectors and are durable and rigid for made for access with height.

These folding shutter doors can be manufactured single bunged or bi-parting and are powder coated and galvanised. You can choose from vision panels, brush seal or cut outs for runway beams or monorails.   

Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

Our ranges of insulated sectional overhead doors are produced to particular openings for commercial and industrial premises. They are available with single or double glazing and each panel has rebated meeting edges with built in seals.

Our insulated sectional overhead doors can be manufactured in a range of colours that include sunset red, silver, white or fir green. They can be produced to operate manually or electrically.

Aluminium Rolling Shutters

We have been producing aluminium rolling shutters for over 40 years and our experience beings you quality assured rolling shutters for a range of applications. They are designed to lock by shootbolts and can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Aluminium rolling shutters can be self coiling, electrical and remote controlled for ease of use. Our range of shutters includes A50 shutters, Vision 50 shutters, and the A90 shutter.

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