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DH Stainless stocks the widest range of stainless steel tubular and piping products including all other associated products.

Our speciality scope of supply leans towards the more competitively priced options offered by thinner wall thickness piping and tubular products.

Our products data section of the website is intended to provide our customers with useful online information on dimensions, other product details and availability.

  • Metric Bore Tube, Fittings and Backing Flanges
  • Hygienic Tube and Fittings
  • NB Pipe, Flanges, Butt Weld and Threaded Fittings
  • Don’t weld it  - Press Fit it !  16bar or higher guaranteed.

Please contact our sales and technical Helpline on

Tel: 01254 237409
Fax: 01254 381096

Email: sales@buystainless.co.uk

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