T and T Filtration


At T and T Filtration, we have an extensive range of HEPA filters including many features to promote the highest of clean air standards. The HEPA filter standards are only acknowledged when a filter satisfies certain standards of high efficiency.

T and T Filtration

At T and T Filtration, we supply exceptional filter solutions for many different businesses including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear
  • Micro-electronics

As a company, at T and T Filtration we believe in the highest quality air conditions for businesses under our care. We strive to accomplish your needs with the use of analysis, monitoring and management combined, and where necessary with bespoke design.

Unipleat Air Filter G4

The Unipleat air filter G4 provides exceptional efficiency at a low cost. Our Unipleat air filter G4 involves pleating a synthetic media with flame-resistant advantages to a supporting wire mesh.

The Uniglass S Air Filter

The Uniglass ‘S’ air filter has been manufactured as an improved model to others in its series.

The Uniglass ‘S’ air filter has a set of reinforced monofilament glass fibres and bonded synthetic mesh for added support and efficiency.

Unipleat FR

The Unipleat FR product range we stock includes two different specifications, but both are fabricated with high performing materials for maximum efficiency.

The Unipleat FR filter panel is particularly appropriate where the fire/flame retardant product is sought.

Filter Specialist

Our Duraflow product range has been developed to for cost effectiveness and high performance for the long life. The products in the series last twice as long than conventional bag filters but don’t lose the fantastic quality of performance. Many other benefits for the long life can be viewed on our website.

High Efficiency Filters

The high efficiency of our products are boasted by the qualities of patented filter media. We supply the highly acclaimed Duraflow long life bag filters that with electrostatic charging technology achieve high efficiency performance throughout life expectancy.

Aerodynamic Filter Design

Enhanced with aerodynamic design, our Duraflow pockets allow the full use of filter surface with leak-free performance. The feature of aerodynamic design also promotes the reduction of energy consumption.

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