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We've been in business for more than 20 years, having been started by Trevor and John King in the proverbial garden shed with a single screen printing machine.

Now we have our own premises in Buckingham, close to Milton Keynes, Bicester and Brackley, and employ a total of seven staff and a raft of equipment. Our offer now includes clothing from over 40 manufacturers, school uniforms, sports kits, workwear, safety wear, embroidered badges, corporate gifts, and just about anything without wheels that can be branded!

Personalised Clothing

As a supplier of personalised corporate clothing to all sectors of industry it is important to be able to cater for people in as many sizes as possible from the small and petite to the more generous sizes for bigger people.

With such a vast range of clothing products to trawl through we thought it would be helpful to highlight a range of clothing, both male and female, that can offers sizes up to 6XL unisex and 22 for ladies.

The ranges cover workwear ,leisure and corporate clothing so if these are the sizes you are looking for there should be something of interest to you here.

Quality brands such as Russell, Dickies, Fruit of the Loom, Kustom Kit, Regatta and Result are included so that you can be sure of the best value and quality in the corporate clothing market.

Particularly if you are a company with a number of employees in varied sizes it can be particularly de-motivating if the clothing chosen for staff does not cover sizes for all employees so this range of options should help here.

All of these garments can be embroidered or in most cases printed with your personalised logo in our factory and with our 25 years' experience and in house design we are confident that you will be very pleased that you joined our ever growing list of satisfied clients.

Personalised Clothing

Personalisation Methods

There are a number of processes that we use to get your logo/image onto your chosen garments. Each has its plus and minus points and differing cost profiles.

Heat Transfer

This process is commonly used for very low production runs, including one-off garments.

Unlike the cheap iron-on transfer paper that you can buy in computer shops, this process uses special CAD-cut pre-coloured paper to make up the image - a bit like a jigsaw. The pre-coloured paper gives much better longevity than the DIY iron-on transfers.

However, the process thereafter is the same. We don't use an iron as such, but have a number of heat presses that allow us to deliver a uniform level of heat across a large area.

Each CAD-cut transfer 'jigsaw' is laid onto the garment and the heat from the heat press causes the ink to transfer from the special paper onto the garment. The CAD-cut transfer can only be used once.

Plus Points

  • Cost effective for very small, or even one-off, production runs
  • Much better quality and longevity that DIY iron-on transfers
  • The special paper can include a range of different textures and finishes, flock, metallic and so on.

Minus Points

  • Image can fade and crack after a number of washes
  • The setup costs make it non-viable for large production runs
  • The complexity of the image can be limited
Personalisation Methods

Placement of Branding on Clothing

Advice about ... where should I put the branding?

Most areas of garments can be decorated...

We have, in house, various adapters for those hard to reach areas. So, within reason we are always up for a challenge; everything from collars, belts, wrist bands, ties, unusual areas on polo shirts the list is endless...

And, having our own machinery in house we can quickly give you an answer to weather it is possible or not.

Placement of Branding on Clothing

Colours Available for Printed Clothing and Workwear

Colours and colour matching/consistency can be a very complicated part of any branding process. This is true of print on paper and even more so when printing on non-paper materials such as fabrics, plastics, metals and ceramics.

There are two main techniques for defining and printing colour.

CMYK (or process or four-colour)

CMYK is the most commonly used colour printing process in the type of printer hardware that you might use at work or at home (laser, ink jets and bubble jets).

It works by over-printing the same area with differing amounts of each of the four colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to create the final colour. White is assumed to be the background colour, and is created by printing no ink.

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